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Fairy Trinket Boxes

Our fairy trinket boxes are perfect for keeping your smallest keepsakes from looking cluttered. Stylishly store your jewelry, coins, and other tiny treasures in these fairy trinket boxes. True to their names, these fantasy trinket boxes each feature an impressive style that depicts a fairy in some way, either showing impressive fantasy art on the box sides and lids or featuring the detail of a fairy statue. Truthfully, you do not even really need to have a clutter of small things to store, as these little fairy trinket boxes are great display items to have decorating your room regardless. So if you have some little odds and ends floating around your living space and you want to store them properly, you might want to consider one of our fairy trinket boxes.
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Acorn Cottage Trinket Box

Item # 05-91926
A forest sprite has built a cottage from an acorn. With flowers crawling up the walls and a fieldstone entry, this is a cozy home for one of the wee folk. Lift the acorn cap lid of this trinket box and store your treasures inside.

Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Fairy Box

Item # EV-10080
Let magic permeate your surroundings when you add the Anne Stokes Mystic Aura Fairy Box to your home decor. The lid of this fantasy trinket box shows a fairy ready to cast a spell or tell your fate, a magic orb floating at her hand.

Anne Stokes Naiad Fairy Box

Item # EV-10079
Dare you gaze into the mystic pool? The lid of the Anne Stokes Naiad Fairy Box depicts the fairy guardian of the enchanted waters, a challenging look upon her beautiful face. Elegant art deco circles and swirls surround the scene.

Aquarius Fairy Trinket Box

Item # 05-91951
The Aquarius Fairy Trinket Box makes the perfect gift for those born under the sign of Aquarius, which runs from January 21 to February 19. A fairy sits on top of this decorative box, and the base features an Aquarius symbol.

Aracnafaria Book Box

Item # CC10380
With intimidating confidence, this lovely fairy gazes out at those in her path, standing in the moonlight let in by the rose window. The Aracnafaria Book Box features this popular gothic fantasy print by artist Anne Stokes on front.

Bronze Fairy On Squash Trinket Box

Item # WU-1262
Pixies and fairies of all sorts are associated with nature, and this one is no different. However, this Bronze Fairy on Squash Trinket Box hides a secret, and that makes her a wonderful guardian for all of your trinkets.

Butterfly Fairy Box

Item # SC9152
The Butterfly fairy box gets its name from its conservative, yet elegant design and decoration. The decorations on every side of the box contribute to the butterfly portion of the name, and the fairy on top make it a fairy box!

Call of the Wild Stump Box By Sheila Wolk

Item # CC8401
The Call Of The Wild Stump Box is more than a container for storing your trinkets and knickknacks. It is a decorative piece that is equally at home when used as a decor item to add that touch of fairy fantasy to any room.

Calla Lily Fairy Box

Item # SC7762
All your trinkets and belongings will be kept safe in the Calla Lily Fairy Box, where they will rest safely and snugly beneath the seat of a vigilant and ever-watchful fairy guardian, whom spends her days sitting eagerly on the lid.

Capricorn Fairy Trinket Box

Item # 05-91950
The Capricorn Fairy Trinket Box makes the perfect gift for those born under the sign of Capricorn, which runs from December 22 to January 20. A fairy sits on top of this decorative box, and the base features a Capricorn symbol.

Chocolate Eclair Sugarsweet Fairy Box

Item # CC9545
Dessert is not always what it appears to be, and the same is true of this Chocolate Eclair Sugarsweet Fairy Box. After all, eclairs are not just about what you see on the outside. What rests inside the pastry is equally as important.

Dragonfly Fairy Box

Item # SC7764
The Dragonfly Fairy Box is not named as such because the fairy resembles a dragonfly, but instead is named because the two primary decorations are a fairy, who sits on top of the box, and dragonflies, which decorate the sides.