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Fairy Statues

We offer such a wide selection of different fairy statues and fairy figurines here that you might think you have wandered into a realm inhabited by fairies and fae creatures of all sorts! Our fairy statues section is home to a broad array of different fairies and their companions, which ensures that there is a fairy here for everyone! If you thought that fairies were docile and timid little creatures, think again! These fairy statues and fantasy figurines love to be in the lime-light, which means that each and every one is worthy of display. Our fairies come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from fearsome fairy warriors to peaceful fairy maidens. Some of our fairy statues enjoy the scents of flowers, while others enjoy the company of various creatures ranging from dragons and unicorns to woodland animals like owls, bears, and wolves. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small statues that will go on virtually any shelf to large statues that make fantastic centerpieces in homes, collections, or gardens! And our fairy statues come in so many different colors that it would be impossible to name them all here. Do not just take our word for it, though. Take some time to browse through our fairy statues, and you are bound to find a fairy figure or sculpture that suits your style.
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Chic Turquoise Fairy Statue

Item # CC12191
Being a fairy does not always mean wearing leaves and petals. Sometimes, fairies like to dress up like their mortal counterparts and have a night on the town. The Chic Turquoise Fairy Statue portrays one of these fae at her most stylish.

Child of War by L.A. Williams

Item # WU-1609
Not all fairies emanate joy and light. This warrior fairy pauses between battles, ready for her next challenger. Her wicked blade is drenched in blood. Child of War by L.A. Williams is based on the fantasy art by the same name.

Christmas Treat Fairy Statue

Item # CC11366
A love for all things sweet leads this seasonal fairy to sneak a taste of Saint Nicks favorite goodies. The Christmas Treat Fairy Statue portrays a naughty pixie who values hot cocoa and cookies just as much as Santa Clause does.

Cider Fairy Statue

Item # CC10534
Nothing says that autumn has arrived better than the scent of hot apple cider wafting on the breeze! The Cider Fairy Statue depicts a lovely member of the fair folk as she leans over the edge of a mug to smell the steaming cider.

Clover Flower Fairy Statue

Item # TL-4544
If you have ever picked a clover flower, you probably know how soft it feels against the fingers. Imagine how comfortable it might be to a fairy. The Clover Flower Fairy Statue depicts one such fairy in the soft embrace of clover.

Colorful Christmas Faery Statue

Item # CC9281
This lovely fairy is all done up in rich color to attend a masquerade ball. Her costume of choice is that of Christmas itself, and with her beauty, it is a look that this Colorful Christmas Faery Statue pulls off with striking ease.

Colorful Fairy and Unicorn Statue Set

Item # EV-10146
Variety is the spice of life, and in the case of the Colorful Fairy and Unicorn Statue Set, we mortals are granted the magical opportunity to witness four colorful fairies interacting with four unicorns in their own special ways.

Colorful Pirate Faery Statue

Item # CC9280
This lovely fairy is all done up to attend a masquerade ball. Her costume of choice is that of the iconic pirate, although this Colorful Pirate Faery Statue pulls off the look with far more elegance then a typical swashbuckler.

Colorful Steampunk Faery Statue

Item # CC9284
This lovely fairy is all done up to attend a masquerade ball. Her costume of choice is one that will shock and awe her companions, as this Colorful Steampunk Faery Statue has a style that most faeries have never seen before.

Comfort Cup Fairy by Amy Brown

Item # CC11237
Those who love their morning cup of joe can surely understand the reaction of this fairy, who is so thankful for caffeine that she hugs her mug! Show just how important coffee is to you with this Comfort Cup Fairy by Amy Brown.

Crescent Moon Fairy and Owl Statue

Item # CC10000
Fairies do not exist simply as creatures of the daytime. Moonlight suits the fairy in the Crescent Moon Fairy and Owl Statue far better as she reads with the illumination of her lantern beside her owl familiar.

Crescent Moon Fairy with Swan Statue

Item # TL-1855
The moon looks different tonight. Our Crescent Moon Fairy with Swan Statue depicts a fairy sitting on a crescent moon with a swan in her lap. Her hair is long and flows across the face of the moon. This cold cast resin statue features a bronze finish.