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Fairy Statues

We offer such a wide selection of different fairy statues and fairy figurines here that you might think you have wandered into a realm inhabited by fairies and fae creatures of all sorts! Our fairy statues section is home to a broad array of different fairies and their companions, which ensures that there is a fairy here for everyone! If you thought that fairies were docile and timid little creatures, think again! These fairy statues and fantasy figurines love to be in the lime-light, which means that each and every one is worthy of display. Our fairies come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from fearsome fairy warriors to peaceful fairy maidens. Some of our fairy statues enjoy the scents of flowers, while others enjoy the company of various creatures ranging from dragons and unicorns to woodland animals like owls, bears, and wolves. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small statues that will go on virtually any shelf to large statues that make fantastic centerpieces in homes, collections, or gardens! And our fairy statues come in so many different colors that it would be impossible to name them all here. Do not just take our word for it, though. Take some time to browse through our fairy statues, and you are bound to find a fairy figure or sculpture that suits your style.
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Berry Fairy Boy Statue

Item # CC12186
If you are hoping to make a blackberry pie, you had better get to the bush before this little guy. The Berry Fairy Boy Statue portrays a youthful fae with more berries than he can handle, and it makes an adorable gift for fantasy fans.

Bird in the Hand Fairy Statue

Item # TL-4606
When a princess kisses a frog, the frog becomes a prince. When a fairy kisses a bird, the bird is still a bird, but it is a happier bird than before. The Bird in the Hand Fairy Statue captures one brief moment before a rush of avian glee.

Bird of Paradise Stem Flitty Fairy Flower

Item # CC8972
Fairies and flowers are a combination that works well together, and now those two are combined elegantly in the Bird of Paradise Stem Flitty Fairy Flower, which recreates the flower while adding in a small fairy.

Black Cat Fairy Statue

Item # CC10281
Witches are not the only magical beings who adopt familiars as companions and assistants in their work. The Black Cat Fairy Statue displays a mystical fairy as she embraces the black cat that serves as her familiar.

Black Fairy with Butterfly Statue

Item # 05-91995
Sitting on stones decorated with leaves, the gaze of the fairy is focused on the butterfly in hand. The Black Fairy with Butterfly Statue presents this calming scene in high quality cold cast resin, hand-painted in vibrant colors.

Black Fairy with Red Dragon Statue

Item # 05-92004
The picture of elegance, nobility, and dark beauty, the fairy in the Black Fairy with Red Dragon Statue looks best when her wardrobe matches the wings she was born with, and she knows it, which is why she is dressed in all black.

Blooming Lily Fairy Statue

Item # 05-92076
Different fairies tend to different flowers. In the Blooming Lily Fairy Statue, a fairy is tending to lily blossoms and making sure the flowers bloom. This beautiful statue makes a fantastic home decor piece for fairy enthusiasts.

Blue Fairy with Flowers Statue

Item # 05-91993
Fairies are the protectors of nature and guardians of animals. They make their clothes from leaves and petals and they live beside the insects and creatures of the forest. The Blue Fairy with Flowers Statue depicts one such fairy.

Blue Spring Ocean Fairy Statue

Item # 05-92046
Gathering blooms of dark blue in her hands, this fairy rejoices in the beauty of spring. The Blue Spring Ocean Fairy Statue depicts this fantasy maiden with blue gradient. fin-shaped butterfly wings that denote her aquatic origin.

Blush Petals Fairy and Baby Statue

Item # 05-91845
In a flourish of pink and purple, the Blush Petals Fairy and Baby Statue is a symbol of love that also adds an enticing element to your home decor. Holding her baby, this fairy mother shows her daughter how deeply she is loved.

Book Club Fairy Statue

Item # CC12947
Fairies do not only take care of nature. They do other things too. The Book Club Fairy Statue shows that fairies enjoy reading like many humans do. This sweet little statue is a great home decor piece or gift for fantasy lovers.

Bookworm Fairy Statue

Item # CC12946
All fairies have different jobs and hobbies. Some enjoy taking care of the flowers, while others, as seen in the Bookworm Fairy Statue, like books. This adorable statue makes a great home decor piece or wonderful gift for a friend.