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Fairy Statues

We offer such a wide selection of different fairy statues and fairy figurines here that you might think you have wandered into a realm inhabited by fairies and fae creatures of all sorts! Our fairy statues section is home to a broad array of different fairies and their companions, which ensures that there is a fairy here for everyone! If you thought that fairies were docile and timid little creatures, think again! These fairy statues and fantasy figurines love to be in the lime-light, which means that each and every one is worthy of display. Our fairies come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from fearsome fairy warriors to peaceful fairy maidens. Some of our fairy statues enjoy the scents of flowers, while others enjoy the company of various creatures ranging from dragons and unicorns to woodland animals like owls, bears, and wolves. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small statues that will go on virtually any shelf to large statues that make fantastic centerpieces in homes, collections, or gardens! And our fairy statues come in so many different colors that it would be impossible to name them all here. Do not just take our word for it, though. Take some time to browse through our fairy statues, and you are bound to find a fairy figure or sculpture that suits your style.
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Autumn Fairyland Fairy Statue

Item # CC9733
Fairies tend to love all seasons equally, and for proof of that, you need only look at this Autumn Fairyland Fairy Statue. Not only does this fairy seem to embrace the change of the seasons, but she embodies it, as well!

Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue

Item # CC9266
All of the seasons have their own beauty, but autumn is the most remembered, thanks to its vibrancy and color. This Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue depicts everything that is great about the fall season, while also featuring fairy magic, too.
$30.00 $27.00

Autumn Leaf Toadstool Fairy Statue

Item # CC11387
The crisp air and the vibrant leaves of fall are best enjoyed with a dear friend. For the magical nymph of the Autumn Leaf Toadstool Fairy Statue, nothing is as agreeable as a comfortable mushroom and the company of a ladybird.

Autumn Leaves Fairy Statue

Item # 05-91939
The Autumn Leaves Fairy Statue sits on a stone base in a pile of fallen leaves, having caught two leaves in her upturned palms. Deep orange leaves adorn her long dark hair and cover her body, creating her seasonal apparel.

Autumnal Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue

Item # CC10973
Fairies and dragons are enticing enough on their own. Put them together in a gorgeous array of autumn tones, and you will have something magical. This Autumnal Fairy with Baby Dragon Statue combines the allure of fantasy and fall.

Autumnal Fairy with Black Unicorn Statue

Item # EV-10030
Sometimes, flight will not get a fairy where she needs to be fast enough. Luckily, she always has other options, like a wild ride on a bucking magical steed, as depicted by the Autumnal Fairy with Black Unicorn Statue.

Awakened Purple Flower Fairy Statue

Item # 05-91594
Even fairies have to get their rest, so that, come the dawn, they can spend time cavorting and dancing to their whims! This Awakened Purple Flower Fairy Statue depicts such a moment, as a pixie casts off the last remnants of rest.

Ayala and the Deer Fairy Statue

Item # CC11887
Many stories say that if you listen closely enough, you can hear the wind calling your name, but those stories are just myths. In reality, it is the beautiful pixie featured in the Ayala and the Deer Fairy Statue who calls for you!

Baby Christmas Fairy

Item # TL-4496
There are flower fairies, elemental fairies, and seasonal fairies, but did you know there are Christmas fairies? When the holiday season rolls around, they come out to play, and fairies like the Baby Christmas Fairy are born ready!

Baby Fairies in Leaves Set

Item # 05-91919
Babies truly are a gift and the most precious things on Earth. People swoon over puppies, kittens, and baby humans, but the fairy babies in the Baby Fairies in Leaves Set are special because they will grow up to care for nature.

Baby Fairy and Frog

Item # TL-4077
Fairy babies are full of wonder, joy, and pleasant dreams, and so they spend their time day-dreaming. The Baby Fairy and Frog statue will bring this sense of wonder to your fairy garden and populate it with a special day-dreamer!

Bashful Sunflower Fairy Statue

Item # 05-91652
Fairies can be as varied as humans are, which means that some can be quite shy. Catching sight of a shy fairy is much harder than usual, but if you have this Bashful Sunflower Fairy Statue, you can see a shy fairy any time you want.