Fairy Pendants & Charms

Be as enchanting as a fairy king or queen when you wear our fairy pendants and charms. Made of high quality materials like sterling silver, white bronze, and fine pewter, we offer an incredible selection of fairy pendants and charms perfect for wearing on your own necklace chain or cord or for attaching to your own charm bracelet. Many of our fantasy fairy pendants display the images of fairy maidens in flight and fairy queens. Shop gorgeously detailed fairy wing pendants, fairy moon charms, gemstone fairy pendants, and delicate fairy charms here, all ready to add unique fantasy style to your everyday looks or special occasion outfits.
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3D Butterfly Fairy Pendant

Item # CE-834-507
The exclusive 3D Butterfly Fairy Pendant can be the new accessory to set you apart. A truly stunning design, this piece captures the playful spirit of fairies and will easily compliment any outfit you pair it with.

3D Butterfly Pentacle Fairy Pendant

Item # CE-834-507P
Allow the playful 3D Butterfly Pentacle Fairy Pendant to finish your look today. This stunning accent can easily compliment any outfit, and will make you the topic of conversation while attending your next social event.
$43.00 $38.70

3D Fairy Profile Pendant

Item # CE-802-996
The elegant 3D Fairy Profile Pendant is the perfect way to add some fantasy to your wardrobe. A playful portrayal of a butterfly fairy, this pendant will have everyone asking you where you found this dazzling accent piece.

3D Frolicking Fairy Pendant

Item # CE-802-727
Capture an image of pure fantasy with the 3D Frolicking Fairy Pendant. This fairy has been frozen in mid jump and her playful spirit is now ready to accent your look. Be sure to grab one of these stunning pendants today.

Bubble Rider Fairy Pendant

Item # PS-TP1660
Start your Fairy collection with the Bubble Rider Fairy Pendant. Crafted in sterling silver, this fine fairy piece offers great style and a bit of fairy magic to proudly display in your different attires.

Dancing Fairy Pendant

Item # CE-802-880
The fun loving Dancing Fairy Pendant will inspire you to let your hair down and enjoy life. This elegant accent can be a wonderful reminder to take a moment and enjoy all of the little things that life has to offer.

Fairy Mistress Pendant

Item # CE-802-929
An image of elegance and beauty, this Fairy Mistress Pendant will impress all who see it. This stunning piece will easily accent any look and make you the hot topic of conversation while attending your next social event.

Fire Fairy Pendant

Item # PS-TP1665
You can honor the powerful side of the fairy with the Fire Fairy Pendant. With a bit of elemental might and magic, this fairy adds something bold to your look, as well as a bit of fairy magic for good measure.

Mistress Titania Fairy Gem Pendant

Item # PS-TP3580
Often depicted as the queen of the fairies, Titania has appeared in numerous works of fiction and art. The Mistress Titania Fairy Gem Pendant offers another lovely design showing the fairy queen as she holds a round gemstone.

White Bronze Butterfly Fairy Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD958
This charming fairy will brighten up any chain with the enchantment of the mystical fair folk! The White Bronze Butterfly Fairy Pendant captures the whimsy and loveliness of its winged subject in a moment of graceful dancing.

White Bronze Daydreaming Fairy Pendant

Item # PS-WZTP1666
Based on the Birth of Magic artwork by Amy Brown, the White Bronze Daydreaming Fairy Pendant depicts a lovely member of the fair folk sitting with her wings spread as she gazes up into the enchanting world around her.

White Bronze Fancy Fairy Pendant

Item # PS-WZTP123
This fanciful fairy is sure to delight anyone who has a passion for magic and enchantment. The White Bronze Fancy Fairy Pendant depicts a fairy in profile with her knees tucked close and her arms extended out in front of her.