Fairy Necklaces

Beauty and magic abound in the realm of fairies. Bring these aspects into your life when you wear our fairy necklaces. These gorgeous fantasy necklaces feature the engraved images of fairies and elements of their realm, made of high quality materials like sterling silver, white bronze, and fine pewter. Wear the beauty of fairies with fairy in flight necklaces, jeweled fairy necklaces, fairy queen necklaces, fairy chokers, and fairy wing necklaces. We have such a variety of fairy necklace styles here that you are sure to find something that will add a touch of fairy fun to your everyday or special occasion look.
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Absinthe Fairy Necklace

Item # AG-P526
The Absinthe Fairy Necklacefeatures the spirit of wormwood as it appears within the absinthe green enameled visage of mortality. A delicate fairy pauses for a moment on top of the skull, perched with her wings spread.

Antique Brass Finish Necklace Chain

Item # MCI-5198
This necklace chain is made with an antique brass finish and will perfectly match any of our pendants that come in the antique brass finish. The perfect accessory to get with your new pendant. It has a lobster claw clasp closure.

Atilla Fairy Necklace

Item # SC2818
Harness the beauty of a fantasy creature with the Atilla Fairy Necklace, which is as versatile is it is stunning. Your wardrobe has been needing a fresh accent and this item can be the creative solution that will liven things up.

Blue Butterfly Hengeband

Item # 090-EHB07
You will never feel more magical than when encircled by this trio of butterflies. The versatile Blue Butterfly Hengeband can be worn as either a circlet or a necklace, the perfect fantasy accessory for any ethereal outfit.

Blue Moon Diva Fairy Necklace

Item # CCJ199
Born of magic, fairies are capable of doing almost anything they want. So if a fairy wants to sit on the curve of the crescent moon, she can. We have captured that moment and fairy for you to enjoy as this Blue Moon Diva Fairy Necklace.

Blue Star Fairy Necklace

Item # SC2566
This celestial fairy seems to have caught a yellow star in her hands. The Blue Star Fairy Necklace depicts this delicate fantasy creature in beautiful detail. The dress and wings of the fairy feature a range of lovely blue shades.

Bluebell Faerie Necklace for Magickal Dreams

Item # 090-BAF12
This Bluebell Faerie Necklace for Magickal Dreams is a wonderful marriage of subtly and elegance. A harmony is met with the smooth silver tones and the blue accents found on this fairy. This piece can make an excellent keepsake or gift.

Celtic Faerie Necklace

Item # CC10359
According to Celtic lore, the Aos Si are fairy folk who have retreated to their underground lairs as they live out their immortal lives. The Celtic Faerie Necklace features one lovely member of the fairy folk at its center.

Celtic Fairy Necklace

Item # CC10357
The Celts believed that the fairy folk retreated to hiding places from the invading humans, living in barrows and cairns among other places. The Celtic Fairy Necklace features an elegant winged fairy in a gown at its center.

Chrysalis Fairy Necklace

Item # CCJ043
This sweet fairy likes to fly in style on the back of a colorful butterfly that has just emerged from its cocoon. The Chrysalis Fairy Necklace shows off incredible detail inspired by the licensed design by artist Jody Bergsma.

Constance Fairy Necklace

Item # SC2731
Introduce the daring Constance Fairy Necklace into your wardrobe today and allow it to take your style to another level. This elegant piece captures the essence of a fantasy realm and creates a stunning accent for you to wear.

Crystal Acorn Fairy Necklace

Item # 090-GW10
Living in the forest, fairies become one with the sylvan structures around them. The Crystal Acorn Fairy Necklace is a stunning depiction of a pixie who has made her home in a glorious oak tree, a leaf her bed and an acorn at her side.