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Fairy Home Decor & Gifts

Within our fairy home decor and gifts category, you will find everything you need to transform your home into a fairy palace. Here we offer all sorts of fantasy home accents with fairies as their inspiration, including fairy tables, fairy fountains, fairy drinkware, fairy tiles, fairy banners, and much, much more. Some of our fairy home decor pieces feature the gorgeous artwork of acclaimed fantasy artists like Anne Stokes as signs or wall scrolls. Other fairy home accents, such as our fairy tables and fountains, have impressive statue bases that have been painted by hand to highlight each detail. Whether your home needs just a touch of fairy style or you are looking to deck out your entire space in the beauty of the fairy realm, our fairy home decor items are ideal for doing both.
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Always Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10040
Fairy queens fight beside their soldiers when they go to battle, and so the warrior queen seen in the Always Metal Fairy Sign must swear before her coronation to always help defend her subjects, even if doing so costs her life.

Arachnafaria Art Print

Item # 090-WP757AS
She stands amid her spiders, illuminated by the moonlight behind her. In our Arachnafaria Art Print by Anne Stokes, this dark fairy is depicted in stunning detail, ready to add gothic fantasy flair to any home decor.

Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish

Item # CC9990
Autumn reveals some of the richest tones of orange and bronze. This beauty of fall is contained in the Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish, which features a fairy sitting upon a dish to hold the jewelry of any collector.

Aveliad Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10041
Fairy parties are elegant affairs, complete with costumes and fine dining. The Aveliad Metal Fairy Sign depicts a patron of one such party as she walks through the snow in her masquerade mask, her wolf companion by her side.

Believe Fairy by Amy Brown

Item # CC8420
The Believe Fairy by Amy Brown does not say much, but then again, she does not have to. This hanging sign simply reads BELIEVE, while a colorful fairy sits just beneath it, content to watch as others read the sign and interpret it.
$24.00 $21.60

Birth of a Star Fairy Umbrella

Item # 060-2762
At home in the night sky, this gorgeous fairy sits on the crescent moon and reaches out as though to touch the brightest star in the sky. Represent your love for fairies even on rainy days with the Birth of a Star Fairy Umbrella.

Birth of a Star Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10019
Science may say that stars are born in the hearts of nebulae, but in the world of fairies, there is the story of the moon fairy that touches the sky and leaves stars behind. The Birth of a Star Metal Fairy Sign depicts this fairy.

Blessed by Faeries by Amy Brown

Item # CC8418
Blessed by Faeries by Amy Brown features a pretty pixie in pink sitting atop a sign that reads, BLESSED BY FAERIES. To be blessed by the faeries is to have good fortune and success, almost supernaturally so, in all your endeavors.
$24.00 $21.60

Blessed By Fairies Plaque

Item # CC9261
To be blessed by the fairies is to have good fortune in all your endeavors, so much so that your success seems almost magic. This Blessed By Fairies Plaque will tell everyone of your good fortune, while also showing off fairy style.
$17.00 $15.30

Blue Dream Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10038
As she sits deep in thought on her floating bubble, the fairy in the Blue Dream Metal Fairy Sign looks down at the world below her on a nearly cloudless day. Based on the artwork of Nene Thomas, this fairy art piece is a must have!

Blue Nocturne Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10042
Enraptured by the power of music, the blue fairy in the Blue Nocturne Metal Fairy Sign dances with the grace of a ballerina to a composition that draws upon the essence of the night. No greater peace could be found in a fairy.

Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table

Item # EV-10022
Fairies are such a part of nature that butterflies often land on them, mistaking them for trees and flowers, as evidenced by the Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table. Just as these insects use her as a perch, you can use her as furniture.