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Fairy Garden Buildings & Accessories

Welcome denizens of the fairy realm into your own environment with our fairy garden buildings and accessories. Here you will find everything you need to create your own miniature fairy village. Check out fairy garden homes and fairy doors for placing on trees. Then shop fairy furniture like picnic tables and benches alongside other fairy garden scenery items like fairy swings, fairy wishing wells, and even decorative moss and tree trunks to form the base of your outdoor fairy display. Create a home for fairies and gnomes alike with our miniature fairy garden buildings made to look like everything from rustic cottages to gourd-shaped inns. And do not forget to populate your fairy garden with our miniature fairy figurines and fairy figure sets!

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Mushroom Squirrel Cottage Garden Statue

Item # 05-74031
Featuring two furry forest dwellers, the Mushroom Squirrel Cottage Garden Statue is sure to add a welcoming woodland charm to any garden or outdoor space with its realistic, hand painted details and whimsical, fantasy inspired theme.

Oak Tree Fairy Door

Item # CC11769
Enter the enchanted world of fairies and magical creatures with this beautiful washed oak burrow door statue. The Oak Tree Fairy Door is made from cold cast resin, and it is skillfully hand finished to ensure a high level of detail.

Ogre Goreck Figurine

Item # SC8102
The Ogre Goreck Figurine captures the nature of this misunderstood creature and creates a unique decoration. This monster warrior can be a playful accent to any room within your home or office, so pick one up while you still can.

Pinecone Cottage Statue

Item # CAS-1242
Wonderfully detailed, the Pinecone Cottage Statue will fit perfectly into any fairy garden setting or other outdoor oasis. The steep roof shows off pinecone texturing, and an acorn window addition appears on one side.

Poko the Frog Summertime Statue

Item # TL-8004
The summertime can be a great time to relax and enjoy the sun. In the Poko the Frog Summertime Statue, we see Poko taking it easy and enjoying life. This adorable statue looks great in a tiny garden and makes a wonderful gift.

Pumpkin Palace Statue

Item # CAS-1252
This cute pumpkin house can be the latest addition to your fairy garden collection with its fine details and imaginative look. The Pumpkin Palace Statue has a charming thatched roof and curling pumpkin vines as decoration.

Raspberry Fairy Statue

Item # SC7897
Fruit has never been as attractive as it is with the elegant Raspberry Fairy Statue. This sprite is resting on a colorful berry and could be a great way to freshen up a rooms current decor, so grab one while you can.

Rowboat Bunnies Statue

Item # TL-4665
In the magical world, plants and their leaves can come in many sizes. In the Rowboat Bunnies Statue, they can get big enough to use as a row boat. This adorable statue would look great in a fairy garden or works well as a gift.

Scaley the Dragon Reading Statue

Item # TL-4749
Even the smallest of dragons know how to relax with a good book. The Scaley the Dragon Reading Statue shows Scaley enjoying his favorite literature. This tiny dragon is a great addition to a miniature fairy garden or decor piece.

Scaley the Explorer Dragon Statue

Item # TL-4752
After a long adventure, a dragon just wants to come home and tell their stories. The Scaley the Explorer Dragon Statue depicts him returning home. This statue makes a great gift for dragon lovers and looks cute in a fairy garden.

Sleeping Fairy Cherub Statue

Item # TL-4036
Fairy babies get just as tired as human ones, so they need a good nights rest. The Sleeping Fairy Cherub Statue shows a fairy baby getting its rest. This statue makes a great fairy garden accessory or a wonderful piece of home decor.

Sparkle Fizz the Unicorn Statue

Item # TL-4683
Fairy gardens are not complete without magical animals too. Sparkle Fizz the Unicorn Statue is a tiny statue of a unicorn with a butterfly friend. This statue is great for tiny fantasy gardens and makes a wonderful gift for someone.