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Fairy Garden Buildings & Accessories

Welcome denizens of the fairy realm into your own environment with our fairy garden buildings and accessories. Here you will find everything you need to create your own miniature fairy village. Check out fairy garden homes and fairy doors for placing on trees. Then shop fairy furniture like picnic tables and benches alongside other fairy garden scenery items like fairy swings, fairy wishing wells, and even decorative moss and tree trunks to form the base of your outdoor fairy display. Create a home for fairies and gnomes alike with our miniature fairy garden buildings made to look like everything from rustic cottages to gourd-shaped inns. And do not forget to populate your fairy garden with our miniature fairy figurines and fairy figure sets!

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Meowl Figurine

Item # SC7606
You may have never seen a creature like the Meowl Figurine, but now you can use this fantasy beast to liven up your homes decor. This original item balances the world of fantasy nature in a way that is playful and unique.

Mini Gnome Village Sign

Item # TL-4789
If you are looking for the garden gnome village, then you know that you have arrived at the correct location when you see Mini Gnome Village Sign. This resin sign looks perfect in a tiny fantasy village display or a fairy garden.

Mini Leaf Table and Chairs Set

Item # TL-4792
Fairies and forest guardians will make their furniture out of what they can find. The Mini Leaf Table and Chairs Set shows that leaves are also used. This set looks fantastic for small magical villages for elves or other creatures.

Mini Purple Dragon Statue

Item # TL-4679
Dragons are all different colors and sizes, including large and palm sized. The Mini Purple Dragon Statue features one of the tinier types of dragon. This tiny dragon makes a great gift for dragon lovers and a fairy garden accessory.

Mini Stone Table and Chairs Set

Item # TL-4791
Fairies and gnomes are very resourceful when it comes to furnishing their forest and garden homes. The Mini Stone Table and Chairs Set showcases their ingenuity. This resin set looks great as a part of a miniature fantasy village.

Mini Wood and Stone Chair

Item # TL-4788
Faeries, gnomes, and other tiny magical creatures require a nice place to sit down and rest. They would love to sit in the Mini Wood and Stone Chair. This statue is a fantastic addition to a fairy garden or miniature fantasy village.

Mini Wooden Fantasy Bridge

Item # TL-4783
Fairies, gnomes, and other woodland creatures sometimes need help crossing streams. Aid their magical travels with the Mini Wooden Fantasy Bridge. This accessory is wonderful for fairy gardens and other miniature fantasy displays.

Mini Wooden Table and Chairs Set

Item # TL-4790
What seems small to us can seem huge to a gnome or fairy. Branches and twigs can be used for furniture such as the Mini Wooden Table and Chairs Set. This miniature set looks great as a part of a fairy garden or tiny fantasy village.

Mother Goose Fairy Door

Item # CAS-1247
This charming little Mother Goose Fairy Door adds a touch of magic to any space. Loaded with detail, this statue has a pinecone canopy, owl cornerstones, climbing vines, and a star knocker. A friendly bunny peeks out the window.

Mouse House Statue

Item # CAS-1257
These mice welcome you to their humble abode! The Mouse House Statue depicts a tree stump that is wonderfully detailed and full of character. This stone statue is perfect for placing in a garden or around your fireplace.

Mushroom Fairy Cottage Statue

Item # CAS-1246
This whimsical fairy house displays so many tiny details, you will always find something new to admire in its design! The Mushroom Fairy Cottage Statue makes the perfect addition to any fairy garden or other outdoor oasis.

Mushroom Fantasy House Statue

Item # TL-4661
Magical creatures of the woods need a place to live. They like to have homes that blend in with the forest like the Mushroom Fantasy House Statue. This tiny house is a great accessory to have in miniature fantasy or fairy gardens.