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Fairy Garden Buildings & Accessories

Welcome denizens of the fairy realm into your own environment with our fairy garden buildings and accessories. Here you will find everything you need to create your own miniature fairy village. Check out fairy garden homes and fairy doors for placing on trees. Then shop fairy furniture like picnic tables and benches alongside other fairy garden scenery items like fairy swings, fairy wishing wells, and even decorative moss and tree trunks to form the base of your outdoor fairy display. Create a home for fairies and gnomes alike with our miniature fairy garden buildings made to look like everything from rustic cottages to gourd-shaped inns. And do not forget to populate your fairy garden with our miniature fairy figurines and fairy figure sets!

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8 Piece Mini Garden Set

Item # 05-49453
Take a vacation from your environment and transport yourself into a miniature garden. Our 8 Piece Mini Garden Set contains a variety of elements to make a complete collection of garden accessories for your home or office space.

Acorn Children Figurine

Item # SC7416
Nature is full of surprises and the elegant Acorn Children Figurine is a great decoration for those who like that idea. Your collection has been needing a fresh fantasy item and now you can introduce these kids into your home.

Birds on a Fence Statue

Item # TL-4781
A fairy garden should not be without some wildlife, including birds. The Birds on a Fence Statue adds a bit of miniature wildlife to a fairy garden. This tiny statue looks fantastic in a fantasy village or miniature garden display.

Black Dragon with Butterfly Statue

Item # TL-4678
Who says that dragons cannot be friends with other tiny creatures? The Black Dragon with Butterfly Statue shows an adorable pair of friends. This statue makes a great home decor piece or a wonderful accessory for a fairy garden.

Blue Flower Cottage Garden Statue

Item # 05-74029
Bring some fantasy-inspired enchantment to your garden with the Blue Flower Cottage Garden Statue. Hand painted in beautiful colors over high quality cast resin, this statue will add a sense of fairytale whimsy to any outdoor area.

Brick Burrow Fairy Door Statue

Item # CC11770
Do you feel like it is time to enhance your miniature world? Look no further than this Brick Burrow Fairy Door Statue! Made from cold cast resin, this garden statue displays a highly-detailed door design that has been hand painted.

Bug Boys Statue

Item # SC7413
If your garden has been needing a few guardians then the Bug Boys Statue could save the day. Your garden could use a touch of playful attitude and with this item you can subtly freshen up the look of your home or garden.

Cobblestone Fantasy Bridge

Item # TL-4784
Gnomes and other tiny creatures are just as good building with stone as they are building with wood. See their hard work with the Cobblestone Fantasy Bridge. This wonderful statue is great for fantasy displays and fairy gardens.

Critter Cottage Statue

Item # CAS-1244
This charming cottage sculpture makes an excellent addition to your fairy garden collection. The Critter Cottage Statue features excellent detail from its leafy roof shingles to the woodland creatures who inhabit it.

Curved Tree Hole Cottage Garden Statue

Item # CC11765
This enchanting fairy cottage statue makes the perfect addition to any fairy garden or outdoor sanctuary. Made from cold cast resin, the Curved Tree Hole Cottage Garden Statue is hand painted to ensure every detail is highlighted.

Cute Owl Statue

Item # TL-4733
Owls are a common traveler between the magical and mundane realms. Add the Cute Owl Statue to your miniature fantasy or fairy garden. This owl statue makes a cute addition to any home or office decor, no matter the style.

Daydreaming Fiona Fairy Statue

Item # TL-4730
Fairies have a lot of time to ponder the world and to daydream. In the Daydreaming Fiona Fairy Statue, Fiona the Fairy is enjoying this fun pastime. This cute statue makes a great garden accessory and wonderful home decor piece.