Elven & Nature Inspired Pendants & Charms

Filled with beauty, mystery, and power, the symbols of nature inform our selection of elven and nature inspired pendants and charms. Shop here for gorgeous mixed metal leaf pendants, green man charms, and more, all decorated with elements of nature and with just a hint of magical inspiration. We offer forest themed pendants that take the form of oak and maple leaves, as well as art nouveau flower blossom pendants. Still others represent the more mystical side of nature, including gemstone pendants and green man pendants, many made of materials like sterling silver and white bronze. Explore all the elven and nature inspired pendants and charms we have to offer here in this category.
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Art Nouveau Goddess Dangle Pendant

Item # CE-802-925
The Art Nouveau Goddess Dangle Pendant combines nature and sheer beauty seamlessly. This deity appears to be dancing in midair with an elegant flower in hand. You do not want to pass up the chance to own this magical item.

Celtic Greenman Charm

Item # PS-TCM053
With subtle Celtic inspiration in its design, the Celtic Greenman Charm offers a unique interpretation of the legendary Greenman image. His iconic leafy face appears with fine twisted knotwork details in his brows and beard.

Celtic Mini Greenman Pendant

Item # CE-834-519
Let a symbol of nature enhance your current look with the stunning Celtic Mini Greenman Pendant. Inspired by folklore this item features a Greenman face at the center of this elegant and stylish piece of accent jewelry.

Elven Leaf Pendant

Item # PS-TPD3333
Natural shapes have never looked so stylish! Rev up you style with this stunning Elven Leaf Pendant, which is intricately crafted from fine sterling silver to honor nature and the yearly transformations of fall and spring.

Green Man Silver Charm

Item # PS-TCM035
You can use the Green Man Silver Charm anywhere you want a subtle yet striking reminder of the power of nature. Crafted in sterling silver, it is a lovely accent that can add gleam and appeal to almost any look.

Green Man Silver Pendant

Item # PS-TP710
Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Green Man Silver Pendant will inspire you with the power of natures perpetual cycles and give you a fine symbol to wear to embody the spirit of nature itself.

Greenman Pendant - Antique Silver Finish

Item # MCI-5037
Over the years, the Green Man has symbolized many things and appeared in many places. Now, this well-traveled emblem can become a personal accent when you add this Greenman Pendant - Antique Silver Finish to your collection.

Knotwork Greenman Pendant

Item # PS-TPD390
This jovial spirit will remind you of the beauty and power of nature every time you wear it. The Knotwork Greenman Pendant shows off the gentle face of this nature deity with fine Celtic knotwork woven into his brows and beard.

Nouveau Goddess Pendant

Item # CE-200-306
Crafted with strong influences from nature the elegant Nouveau Goddess is sure to dazzle. This subtle piece of jewelry draws from the decorative styles that were based on the natural form and structures of our environment.

Oberon Zell Green Man Pendant

Item # PS-TPD1040
Rising from the fauna of the world, this inspired design will unite you with the natural cycles of the earth. Celebrate the connection between Gaia Mother Earth and all living creatures with the Oberon Zell Green Man Pendant.

Rectangle Dancing Leaves Pendant

Item # AJ-0382
Who has not stopped to admire the beauty of falling autumn leaves spiraling through the air? Now you can capture this beautiful moment with the Rectangle Dancing Leaves Pendant, which depicts four leaves gliding to the ground.
$24.00 $21.60

Shimmering Leaf Pendant

Item # PS-TPD3339
Inspired by nature, the Shimmering Leaf Silver Pendant is a sterling silver pendant, accented with a colorful gemstone, that showcases master craftsmanship. This realistic leaf pendant is intricately crafted to honor nature.