Dungeon Locks

These functional replica locks with keys are darkened and weathered to replicate the originals used during the Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs and locks for you medieval dungeon? We have the medieval locks and handcuffs that will do the trick. Our medieval handcuffs, padlocks, shackles, and dungeon locks are fully functional and come with keys. We also have prison ball and chain leg shackles that are modeled after those used in the Clink Prison of London England.
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Pirate Padlock

Item # TC-E-827
Whether you are trying to keep your treasure safe from your treacherous crew or are holding a British admiral for ransom in your brig, you are going to need a sturdy lock. Luckily, the Pirate Padlock provides both strength and ambiance!

Prison Dungeon Ball and Chain Leg Shackles

Item # ED2613
These authentic and operational dungeon ball and chains were modeled from those used in the Clink Prison of London, England. The Clink used shackles for confinement and as an effective deterrent to escape.

Prisoners Binding Rope

Item # AH-3861
When it comes to restraining a prisoner, medieval dungeon masters used whatever they had. Sometimes, that was chains and locks. Otherwise, it was a length of rope. This Prisoner Binding Rope is made specifically for that purpose.

Prisoners Dungeon Chain

Item # AH-3858
Chains are a great way to keep a prisoner under control. This Prisoners Dungeon Chain comes to you from the medieval era, right out of a castle dungeon, offering you a collectible and a prop that is perfect for restraining anyone!

Round Prison Lock

Item # AH-RPT8052-2
A good lock has dozens of different uses. Take this Round Prison Lock, for instance. It can be used for securing jail cells, dungeon devices, treasure chests, vault doors, and more, all with reliable ease and authentic detail.

Single Piece Dungeon Manacles

Item # AH-3860S
When it comes to restraints, nothing evokes the medieval thought as well as a Single Piece Dungeon Manacle. The medieval equivalent to the modern-day handcuff, this dungeon accessory is perfect for securing a prisoner in a few ways.

Small Padlock

Item # ONC69
This functional locking small padlock is sized for small places. The small padlock is a perfect lock for securing your prisoners leg shackles. The padlock is made of steel and has an overall length of 3.5 inches.

Stout Dungeon Lock

Item # AH-RPT8052-4
It might be labeled a dungeon lock, but do not let that fool you into thinking that this Stout Dungeon Lock is good for only keeping prisoners secured, because it is also good for locking up and securing other containers too.

Traditional Dungeon Lock

Item # AH-RPT8051-7
A good lock is great for securing things, be it valuables, personal possessions, or even prisoners! This Traditional Dungeon Lock reflects the look of a good security device from the Dark Ages, for you to use in your medieval endeavors.

Unadorned Prison Lock

Item # AH-3862
Nothing says keep out quite like a lock. This Unadorned Prison Lock possesses all the hallmarks of a medieval security device, including form and finish, which ensures that it will serve you well as a way to secure almost anything.

X-Large Dungeon Lock

Item # ED01100
If keys will set you free, then a lock will keep you chained securely forever! This X-Large Dungeon Lock comes complete with both, ensuring that you can lock up whomever or whatever you wish while having the keys to undo the lock.

Yuma Prison Iron Ball and Chain

Item # TC-LC-4
The benefit of putting a stamp on dungeon ware is that if anyone finds it, you immediately know where they belong. This Yuma Prison Iron Ball and Chain is a classic example of how they detained prisoners in history.