Dungeon Locks

These functional replica locks with keys are darkened and weathered to replicate the originals used during the Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs and locks for you medieval dungeon? We have the medieval locks and handcuffs that will do the trick. Our medieval handcuffs, padlocks, shackles, and dungeon locks are fully functional and come with keys. We also have prison ball and chain leg shackles that are modeled after those used in the Clink Prison of London England.
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Double-Key Dungeon Lock

Item # AH-RPT8052-1
For twice the security, you need double the locks, or at least a lock that is doubly effective. This Double-Key Dungeon Lock is just such a piece, reflecting the design of a medieval lock, but requiring two keys to open, instead of one.

Dungeon Handcuffs

Item # HW-701245
Dungeons just are not complete without a pair of handcuffs. These Dungeon Handcuffs mimic those used in the medieval era and add a functional touch. They are a great prop for theater productions and make a good conversation piece.

Female Chastity Belt Replica

Item # ME-0038
A creation of the medieval era, chastity belts were used by untrusting and nervous men to ensure the faithfulness of their wives. The Female Chastity Belt Replica is a reproduction of this medieval tool made from hand wrought iron.


Item # ONC70
These functional replica handcuffs with key are made of steel and replicate the originals in use during the Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs for you medieval dungeon? These Medieval handcuffs will do the trick.


Item # MCI-2232
Fewer thieves and ruffians roam the streets since you became a member of the Watch. The villagers sleep more peacefully, knowing that you maintain a steady vigil throughout the night with the Handcuffs dangling from your belt.

Heavy Metal Medieval Handcuffs

Item # AH-RPT8024
Made to be hardier than our other models, these Heavy Metal Medieval Handcuffs are a step towards greater realism in your dungeon wares, as they more closely reflect the style of restraints that jailers would have used with prisoners.

Iron Shackle and Bar Leg Cuffs

Item # TC-LC-1
Once upon a time, the chain gang was a fairly common sight when it came to prisoners. This Iron Shackle and Bar Leg Cuffs would have been common too, as they were used to lock prisoners together when they were out and about in public.

Large Antique Lock

Item # TC-1111
Sometimes you have to lock something up. If you need to do so in an old-time manner, what do you do? You reach for this Large Antique Lock! This lock has a realistic look that makes it a great collectible and a fully functional prop!

Large Bar Cuffs with Padlock

Item # AH-RPT8027L
The benefit of restraints like these Large Bar Cuffs with Padlock is that they afford greater control of a prisoner by restricting their movement even more. Properly secured, these cuffs can prevent a prisoner for using their hands.

Large Dungeon Lock

Item # ED01104
If keys will set you free, then a lock will keep you chained securely forever! This Large Dungeon Lock comes complete with both, ensuring that you can lock up whomever or whatever you wish while having the keys to undo the lock.

Large Padlock

Item # ONC69B
This functional locking large padlock is sized for small places. The large padlock is a perfect lock for securing your prisoners leg shackles. The padlock is made of steel and has an overall length of 4.5 inches.

Leavenworth Prison Iron Ball and Chain

Item # TC-LC-5
The benefit of putting a stamp on dungeon ware is that if anyone finds it, you immediately know where they belong. This Leavenworth Prison Iron Ball and Chain is a classic example of how they detained prisoners in history.