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Dresses and Gowns

With styles that range from full length noblewomens dresses to fun modern gothic gowns, our range of historical, fantasy, and alternative fashion dresses cannot be beat! Shop here for all our dresses and gowns in historical, fantasy, gothic, and steampunk styles. We offer an incredible range of dresses, from pleasantly peasant to queenly styles. Find everything from Viking apron dresses to impressive carnival gowns here, as well as fashionable gothic dresses and steampunk corset dresses. Check out romantic gothic high low dresses, gothabilly dresses, and lacy taffeta dresses here. No matter the silhouette or style you are looking for, you are sure to find a dress for your next night out, Renaissance fair, or reenactment here.
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Adora Dress

Item # DC1123
The Adora Dress is a simple yet elegant Linen Dress with sleeves. Like most of our medieval dresses, this garment has taken inspiration from original medieval samples. The Adora dress has detachable sleeves of contrasting color.
$122.00 $104.00

Albrun Medieval Surcoat

Item # BG-1044
Albrun Pass is a place in the Alps that serves as a mountain trail between Switzerland and Italy. In the Middle Ages, people using that pass would need heavy clothes to keep warm. The Albrun Medieval Surcoat provides such an outfit.

Alva Apron Canvas Dress

Item # MY100427
The Alva Apron Canvas Dress takes inspiration from the overdresses, or hangerock, worn by Norse maidens during the Viking Age. Perfect for a time-traveling adventure into the exciting era when Viking raiders ruled the European coast.

Ameline Peasant Dress

Item # DC1182
Made from 100 percent Cotton fabric, the Ameline Peasant Dress is a bodice with attached skirt. The bodice is laced to fit with brass grommets, and the full skirt is split down the front to show a modest peek of muslin underdress.

Angelina Black Taffeta Corset Dress

Item # BR-0158
This beautiful black evening dress makes the perfect attire for heading to the club, a fancy dress party, or another formal event. The Angelina Black Taffeta Corset Dress hugs your frame with its slimming corset bodice.
$120.00 $108.00

Angelina Burgundy Taffeta Corset Dress

Item # BR-0159
This beautiful burgundy evening dress makes the perfect attire for heading to the club, a fancy dress party, or another formal event. The Angelina Burgundy Taffeta Corset Dress hugs your frame with its slimming corset bodice.
$120.00 $108.00

Anjou Gown

Item # 100998
The romance of the early renaissance is captured in this courtly gown. The Anjou Gown has rich brocades, lavish trims, period rounded shoulders, and an elegant lace up back, all adding to the overall beauty of this piece.

Anne Of Cleves Overdress

Item # DC1145
This overdress has a medieval look with the front open design. A drawstring makes it easy to wear and a curved hem makes the underdress an integral part of the look. Lace on the back of the Anne Of Cleves Overdress gives a smooth fit.

Antique Flower Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-449
Beautiful blossom, leaf, and vine illustrations decorate the printed fabric of the Antique Flower Renaissance Dress. Handmade with attention to detail, this historic dress is inspired by the Baroque fashions of Renaissance noblewomen.

Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress

Item # MCI-457
The Antique Velvet Renaissance Dress is made out of high quality, heavy velvet with a low sheen for a refined appearance. Delicate golden trim accents the lines of the dress, and faux amber gems decorate the sleeves and bodice.

Arabella Cotton Dress

Item # DC1103
The Arabella Cotton Dress is made of glazed cotton fabric with beautiful brocade fabric in the front. The dress has puffy shoulders with elastic cuffs. The back of the dress has drawstring and loops for easy adjustability and comfort.

Ascension Womens White Gothic Dress

Item # SL-00007
Mors ultima linea rerum. Death is the ultimate boundary, and in this Ascension Womens White Gothic Dress, death, embodied in a skull, ascends past this border on white wings, leaving behind things that are mortal and fated to pass.