Dragon Rings

If you have ever wanted to have the power of dragons literally at your hand, then you have got to check out our selection of dragon rings here. These dragon jewelry pieces are perfect for adding a subtle touch of fantasy fashion to any look. Our fantasy dragon rings come in a variety of styles, some shaped like miniature dragons curling around your fingers and others decorating knotwork bands. Shop dragon signet rings, Celtic dragon rings, jeweled dragon rings, sterling silver dragon rings, dragon spinner rings, and much more, for both men and women, here in this category.
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Black Bladed Finger Armor

Item # MC-MC-1026BK
If you are looking to provide protection for yourself and your finger, then look no further than this Black Bladed Finger Armor. Hinged plates and a wicked blade combine together to make this gothic and fantasy accessory a work of art.

Bladed Dragon Finger Claw Ring

Item # NP-YC893-DG
The Bladed Dragon Finger Claw Ring sends a not-so-subtle message to onlookers that you are a fierce warrior, one with whom none should meddle. Consider all the dark fantasy roles that will benefit with the addition of this knife ring.

Celtic Dragons Silver Ring

Item # PS-TR842
For a sterling silver band that is engraved with dragons and a unique Celtic design look no further than the Celtic Dragons Silver Ring. It is perfect for adding a touch of appeal and fantasy to almost any look.

Coiled Dragon Ring

Item # PS-TR1439
With the Coiled Dragon Ring wrapped around your finger, you will have all the power and strength of the dragon. This ring is a great fantasy piece, perfect for adding flair to your modern styles or character to your medieval looks.

Draconis Celtica Ring

Item # AG-R86
The Draconis Celtica ring features a head of a dragon that lurks beneath this pool of Celtic spring. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter and does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous look.
$32.00 $28.80

Dragon Scroll Silver Ring

Item # PS-TR940
The Dragon Scroll Silver Ring features an intricate scrollwork design along with a mystical dragon, allowing you to easily take along your favorite fantasy creature as an accessory, no matter where you are headed.

Dragon Signet Ring

Item # PS-TR1399
Now the dragon can be your official seal with the Dragon Signet Ring. Like the signet and seal rings of old, this ring possesses a carved out design that is perfect for stamping wax and creating a dragon shaped seal.

Dragon Wrap Silver Ring

Item # PS-TR1504
The intricate design of the Dragon Wrap Silver Ring is sure to delight any dragon lover. Wearing this ring fits a dragon onto your hand, to rest and remind you of your fantasy interests whenever you should glimpse its silver scales.

Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring

Item # PS-TRI247
The Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring is a great accessory for any dragon lover, allowing fantasy and dragon enthusiasts to take a wyrm with them and make this classic element of fantasy a part of their everyday style.

Fantasy Silver Dragon Ring

Item # PS-TR1600
The Fantasy Silver Dragon Ring is the perfect accessory for anyone who is inspired by the dragons ancient legend. It allows any fan of this fantasy creature to keep a reminder of their power and prestige close at hand at all times.

Onyx Oriental Dragon Ring

Item # WH-S02730
The bold design of this dragon ring will make a dramatic fashion statement in your ensemble. The Onyx Oriental Dragon Ring displays a large, round black onyx set into its face and ornate detailing along the sides.

Resting Dragon Ring

Item # TS-0109
Add a touch of fantasy to your life with the beautifully designed Resting Dragon Ring. Featuring an exceptional level of detail, this ring depicts a powerful dragon curling its tail under its body as it rests.
$57.00 $49.00