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Dragon Incense Burners

One would almost expect a dragon to smell of smoke and brimstone, but that is just not the case. At least, not with these dragon incense burners! Instead, these dragons are ideal vessels to help you enjoy your favorite incense scent. Being creatures of fire and smoke, these dragons are happy to burn incense for you and do not mind catching the ashes either, so long as they are put to regular use so that they get to enjoy the smell of your favorite incense as well. Our medieval dragon incense burners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from typical tray-style incense burners to more unique designs that are perfect for enjoying a good stick or cone of your favorite scent. Our variety of incense burners all have one thing in common: they are impressively detailed and sure to add a dose of fantasy style to any decor. The dragon incense burners here are not only highly detailed tools for enjoying our favorite scents, but they are also budget friendly, which means that they are great personal acquisitions as well as great gifts to give others.
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Black Dragon Head Incense Burner

Item # 05-71619
Smoke trails near the head of this dragon as if the fantasy beast has just finished a violent rampage of the countryside. The Black Dragon Head Incense Burner creates the perfect atmospheric effect for the legendary creature.

Black Dragon Incense Burner

Item # 05-71774
The smug look on the face of the dragon in the Black Dragon Incense Burner, combined with the rather large collection of purple crystals within the geode burner, leads you to believe it has just stumbled upon a great treasure.

Blue and Gold Dragon Incense Burner

Item # 060-2690
The next time you enjoy the scent of your favorite incense, do so with the Blue and Gold Dragon Incense Burner. This fantasy incense holder features a dragon perched on one end of the bed, artfully crafted to resemble an open geode.

Blue Dragon Castle Incense Holder

Item # EV-10120
A fantasy scene of action unfolds upon the Blue Dragon Castle Incense Holder. A blue and gold dragon roars towards a castle tower, situated upon a tall outcropping of rock. This cold cast resin incense holder is painted by hand.

Blue Dragon Geode Incense Burner

Item # CC11826
Whenever you have the desire to inhale the sweet smell of your favorite incense, do so using the Blue Dragon Geode Incense Burner! This incredible dragon incense holder is an excellent way to show off your love of all things fantasy!

Blue Dragon Skull Boat Incense Burner

Item # CC12391
Your incense is safe under the watchful eye of this grim dragon. The Blue Dragon Skull Boat Incense Burner shows the silvery blue fantasy beast perched on the end of a silvery boat perfect for catching the ashes of burning incense.

Blue Dragon Standing Incense Burner

Item # 060-2563
Prepare to enter a world of mysterious scents and mystical delights when you bring home the Blue Dragon Standing Incense Burner. This unique incense stand can support either a stick or cone of your favorite incense.

Blue Geode Dragon Incense Burner

Item # 05-71751
The next time you fill your home with the scents of your favorite incense, do so in fantasy style. The Blue Geode Dragon Incense Burner is a remarkable and unique piece of dragon home decor featuring stunning, geode-inspired details.

Breath of Fire Dragon Incense Holder

Item # CC10013
The fiery breath of dragons remains a noteworthy feature, serving as one of their primary weapons. In the Breath of Fire Dragon Incense Holder, this dragon has eclipsed its surroundings in the conflagration.

Castle Causeway Dragon Incense Holder

Item # CC10012
Dragon flame can travel a considerable distance, so not even those far off can be sure of safety. In the Castle Causeway Dragon Incense Holder, you can simulate the burning of the castle with your favorite incense.

Castle Dragon Standing Incense Burner

Item # 060-2730
Holding steadfast to the craggy mountain surface, a castle tower awaits the arrival of its dragon foe. The Castle Dragon Standing Incense Burner depicts this decisive scene in eye-catching fantasy style, hand painted with detail.

Celtic Dragon Incense Burner

Item # CC10316
With their fiery breath, many dragons always smell slightly of smoke and ash to anyone in their vicinity. The Celtic Dragon Incense Burner features a dragon sitting on its haunches with a sword gripped in its claws.