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Dragon Home Decor & Gifts

For an enthusiast of dragons, a few statues and collectibles just is not enough. We understand, and that is why we endeavor to provide a selection of dragon home decor items that allow dragon lovers to really immerse themselves in a world filled with dragons. Here in our dragon home decor section, you will find all manner of decorations, accents, and even furniture items that are perfect for use around the house, providing both function and style. Now you can infuse your love of dragons into every room of your home! We offer dragon wall displays for decorating your rooms and halls with dragons of all shapes and sizes. We have dragon picture frames for showing off your photographs with that added touch of true dragon style. There are little dragon CD holders and dragon cellphone holders for your desk, should you need a dragon to safeguard your technologies and your data. We offer dragon pen stands and staplers for those who want to further dragonize their office. Dragon vases are great for storing flowers, while dragon chairs are the absolute pinnacle of dragon decoration, ensuring that even when you sit and relax, you show off your love for dragons. If you are looking for the next great dragon decoration that reveals your enthusiasm for this mighty fantasy beast, then perhaps you are due for a trip to our dragon home decor section, where you will find all manner of items, both big and small, perfect for decorating your home with nothing but dragons.
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Dragon and Helmet Pen Holder

Item # CC12358
This mighty dragon must have defeated a noble knight, or at least claimed his helmet as its own. The Dragon and Helmet Pen Holder turns this medieval fantasy image into a fun and useful desk accent for holding pens, pencils, and more.

Dragon Battle Metal Sign

Item # LD-10004
There can only be one true master of the skies, and the bigger you are, the easier it is to keep the title of Dragon King. Witness the epic battle between the Dragon King and his challengers in the Dragon Battle Metal Sign!

Dragon Bookend Set

Item # CC8266
Drawing inspiration from the grand gothic cathedrals of the Renaissance, the Dragon Bookend Set are a pair of magnificent decorations that feature detailed dragon heads rendered in a stone gray form that is fit for architecture.

Dragon Chalice

Item # 060-2101
The Dragon Chalice is a great way to drink in style. This chalice would look great if used as an attractive decoration around any or room. Even better, the addition of an inset makes this a great drinking vessel, too.

Dragon Claw Glass Chalice

Item # CC12898
Serve up your favorite drinks the dragon way when you add the Dragon Claw Glass Chalice to your drinkware collection. This dragon glass has a cast resin stem and base shaped like a scaly dragon claw emerging from short waves.

Dragon Claw Walking Cane

Item # CC11028
Why settle for a boring walking staff when you can have one that perfectly complements your fantasy style? This Dragon Claw Walking Cane features ornate detail that definitely sets it apart from the crowd as a part of your ensemble.

Dragon Claw Wall Accent

Item # OL-F9522C
Add fearsome fantasy style to your indoor or outdoor decor with the Dragon Claw Wall Accent. This dragon wall plaque has a three-dimensional shape that juts out of whatever wall it decorates, its three talons ending in pointed claws.

Dragon Club Wall Plaque

Item # CC12930
No set of cards is complete without the suit of clubs. This icon of game play decorates the Dragon Club Wall Plaque, a great home decor piece. Hang it on your living room or office wall or give it as a gift for a dragon enthusiast.

Dragon Coasters

Item # CC10310
Dragons serve as guardians of their hoards of treasure, warding off thieves with their claws and fiery breath. The Dragon Coasters depict two fierce dragons sitting back to back, supporting the coasters between them.

Dragon Coasters

Item # SC6800
This dragon coaster set is a great for any medieval table in your office or home. This coaster set features a dragon laying down with the coasters stored in between its wings. The coaster set is perfect for protecting your priceless.

Dragon Diamond Wall Plaque

Item # CC12928
Dragons are known for hoarding diamonds and other gems, not being one. In the Dragon Diamond Wall Plaque, this grey dragon easily forms that pointed shape. This plaque looks great decorating an office or other space in the home.

Dragon Drink Coasters

Item # CC10309
Dragons make up one of the fiercest and most ancient races of all the magical species ever dreamed. The Dragon Drink Coasters depicts an impressive dragon sitting on its haunches to cradle several round coasters between its wings.