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Dragon Home Decor & Gifts

For an enthusiast of dragons, a few statues and collectibles just is not enough. We understand, and that is why we endeavor to provide a selection of dragon home decor items that allow dragon lovers to really immerse themselves in a world filled with dragons. Here in our dragon home decor section, you will find all manner of decorations, accents, and even furniture items that are perfect for use around the house, providing both function and style. Now you can infuse your love of dragons into every room of your home! We offer dragon wall displays for decorating your rooms and halls with dragons of all shapes and sizes. We have dragon picture frames for showing off your photographs with that added touch of true dragon style. There are little dragon CD holders and dragon cellphone holders for your desk, should you need a dragon to safeguard your technologies and your data. We offer dragon pen stands and staplers for those who want to further dragonize their office. Dragon vases are great for storing flowers, while dragon chairs are the absolute pinnacle of dragon decoration, ensuring that even when you sit and relax, you show off your love for dragons. If you are looking for the next great dragon decoration that reveals your enthusiasm for this mighty fantasy beast, then perhaps you are due for a trip to our dragon home decor section, where you will find all manner of items, both big and small, perfect for decorating your home with nothing but dragons.
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Anne Stokes Celtic Dragon Paperweight

Item # 05-22032
Few defenses can trump the fiery breath of a dragon, seen here as a red dragon sends out a plume of flame. The Anne Stokes Celtic Dragon Paperweight shows off one of the gorgeous pieces created by the celebrated fantasy artist.

Anne Stokes Dragon Fury Paperweight

Item # 05-22036
Inciting the fury of a dragon might just be the last thing you do. The Anne Stokes Dragon Fury Paperweight displays the powerful rage of this magical beast, showing a furious red dragon looming overtop an ornate gothic church.

Anne Stokes Lunar Magic Paperweight

Item # 05-22031
Anne Stokes is well-known for her gorgeous gothic and fantasy artwork. You can show off your appreciation of her iconic style by adding the Anne Stokes Lunar Magic Paperweight to your desk as a charming decoration and tool.

Battle Dragon Plaque

Item # CC11694
The grim, stone colored dragon depicted in the Battle Dragon Plaque guards a multitude of decorative and ornate medieval weapons. This intense and striking plaque is ideal for transforming your home into an austere fantasy castle.

Beginning Ceramic Art Tile by Anne Stokes

Item # EV-10067
Whoever secures a dragon egg will raise the beast from birth, taming the ferocious creature so that it may do their bidding. In the Beginning Ceramic Art Tile by Anne Stokes, one fantasy queen has harnessed such life-changing power.

Black Dragon Scale Tankard

Item # CC12749
The Black Dragon Scale Tankard is a wickedly fun way to enjoy your favorite drink. Made of cast resin, this fantasy cup is highly detailed to look like dragon scales and features a dragon head on its front and wings on each side.

Black Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque

Item # 71221
The Black Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque is made of poly-resin that is finished in brushed silver. The dragon is gripping the medieval sword and will not let go. The wings of the dragon are spread wide open.

Bloodlust Dragon Metal Sign

Item # LD-10000
The beast shown in the Bloodlust Dragon Metal Sign has finally crossed the line, and so the brave prince is out for blood! Gaze upon the most dangerous hunt when you hang this epic sign in your home, completing your dragon decor.

Blue Dragon Face Goblet

Item # CC12892
Add dragon style to your drinkware collection when you sip from the Blue Dragon Face Goblet. This hand painted, cold cast resin goblet is styled to look like ancient dark grey metal embellished with the head of a dragon on its side.

Blue Dragon Pen Holder

Item # 05-71746
Your writing utensils are sure to stay safe when guarded by these fearsome dragon faces. The Blue Dragon Pen Holder features fantastic draconian details throughout its hand painted, high quality cold cast resin construction.

Blue Dragon Stapler

Item # CC12985
Even your medieval or fantasy desk could use the might and strength of a dragon. Use the Blue Dragon Stapler to secure your necessary papers together. Use it to spruce up any office or home or you can gift it to a dragon enthusiast.

Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table

Item # EV-10024
Many people fantasize about slaying a dragon, but what about training a dragon to hold your beverages and books? With the Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table, you can effortlessly tame the wild nature of the most fearsome fantasy beast.