DIY Armor Pieces

At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer DIY Armor Pieces for craftier LARPers and historic reenactment enthusiasts looking to build their own custom armor or repair existing armor. Scale armor, ring armor, and plate armor are all made up of segments, and we carry the essential pieces that make up these armor styles, such as our lamellae plates. These plates are used to make up lamellar armor, which was typically worn by historic Vikings, Samurai, and Roman warriors. We offer these plates in a variety of materials, such as steel, brass, and aluminum, great for creating a unique look that is all your own. With our build-your-own armor parts, you can now craft or modify armor to perfectly suit your own, specific needs and tastes, limited only by your ability and imagination.
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Aluminum Lamellae Plates - Set of 25

Item # MH-MI1506
Use these Aluminum Lamellae Plates to patch up your lamellar armour, or get several to make your own custom armour pieces. These aluminum plates are rectangular in shape, save for one of their shorter sides, which are rounded.

Black Horse Hair

Item # HW-700333
Create your own plume or crest for your historical helmet with this bundle of Black Horse Hair. This section of natural horse hair comes to you tightly bound together and ready to use for DIY costuming and crafting purposes.

Black Leather Lace - 20-25 Inches

Item # HW-701157
You never know when a bit of leather lacing will come in hand. This Black Leather Lace has a length that ranges from 20 to 25 inches and is perfect for DIY, repair, or simply updating the look of your medieval or fantasy outfit.

Black Leather Lace - 25-30 Inches

Item # HW-701010
Leather lacing can come in handy for the LARPer, reenactor, or DIYer. The Black Leather Lace comes in 25 to 30 inches and is perfect for your project. It is a must have when you need to repair, update, or create a great costume.

Black Leather Lace - 35-40 Inches

Item # HW-701158
Good leather cord is an essential for any setting. This Black Leather Lace has a versatile length between 35 and 40 inches, great for replacing worn lacing, DIY, or simply adding a rugged personal touch to clothing and armour pieces.

Black Leather Lace - 45-50 Inches

Item # HW-700975
Leather lacing has near limitless use. This Black Leather Lace has a long length, over 45 inches, making it a very useful component to have on hand for medieval and fantasy LARP, reenactment, and other costuming activities.

Brass Lamellae Plates - Set of 25

Item # MH-MI1507
The Brass Lamellae Plates are the ideal component to have when fixing up lamellar armour or creating your own unique lamellar armour pieces. Made of brass, these plates features a distinct look, different than that of the usual steel.

Brass Mushroom Rivets

Item # HW-700866
Rivets abound in historical and LARP armour. Replace, repair, or make your own armour pieces with the Brass Mushroom Rivets. They are also great for DIY armour projects for Renaissance faires, reenactments, and fantasy conventions.

Brown Leather Lace - 20-25 Inches

Item # HW-701280
Brown Leather Lace has endless utility, making it an essential for costuming, LARP, reenactment and crafting. This leather cord is between 20 and 25 inches long. Secure armour in place, replacing existing laces, or use it for DIY.

Brown Leather Lace - 35-40 Inches

Item # HW-701281
Secure armour, clothing, and accessories in place with this Brown Leather Lace, or use it for DIY and repair. Versatile and sturdy, this thin, brown leather cord has a multitude of uses and is between 35 and 40 inches long.

Brown Leather Lace - 45-50 Inches

Item # HW-700974
There is no end to the usefulness of leather lace. This Brown Leather Lace has a long length, over 45 inches, and is great for adding unique detail to your clothing, armour, and accessories, as well as for DIY endeavors and repairs.

Butted Chainmail Rings

Item # HW-700621
Whether for making your own chainmail armour or repairing battle-worn armour that has already served you well, our Butted Chainmail Rings are a must-have for anyone wearing chainmail as part of their medieval or fantasy armour.