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Make your workspace reflect your favorite styles and inspire you to do your best work when you decorate with our desk accessories. Here you will find everything from fantasy pen holders and dragon staplers to steampunk magnifying glasses and mermaid cell phone holders. Our desk accessories section spans many themes, so you will find gargoyle desk decor here alongside zombie business card holders and knights helmet pen holders. Many of our pen and pencil holders are made of high quality cold cast resin and have been hand painted to look like ancient stone or in beautiful fantasy colors. Bring something unique to your desk display with these helpful and intriguing medieval and fantasy desk accents.
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Dragon Head Staple Remover

Item # CC11988
Dragons have always been a popular part of the world of fantasy. For the best way to incorporate a draconic touch to your home or office, the Dragon Head Staple Remover provides exceptional style without compromising on function.

Dragon Stapler

Item # CC8475
If it has been your dream to put a dragon to work in your home or office, then now is the time with the Dragon Stapler. This clever item combines a stapler with a molded dragon head to create an item as fun as it is functional.

Forged Vintage Scissors

Item # HW-700295
The Forged Vintage Scissors are a great gift for the historian, crafter, or DIYer in your life. These beautiful scissors have a historical appearance. These cast iron scissors also make a great accent for a fantasy convention.

Gargoyle Pencil Holder

Item # SC8591
Keep your desk utilities safe with the Gargoyle Pencil Holder. Perfect for holding both pencils and pens in timeless gothic style, the stone beasts on each side are sure to scare off anyone looking to pilfer your writing utensils.

Guardian Dragon Utility Holder

Item # CC11832
Deep within his fiery caverns, a mighty dragon looms over his treasure as depicted in the Guardian Dragon Utility Holder. With its exceptional draconic detail, this pencil cup is the perfect way to bring fantasy and function together!

Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder

Item # CC10101
Fans of the Walking Dead and other zombie fare can bring a hint of the macabre to their daily lives with the Impaled Zombie Pencil Holder. This zombie lies fallen on its back with a writing implement protruding from its chest.

Joan of Arc Pen Holder with Letter Opener Sword

Item # WU-1970
The Joan of Arc Pen Holder with Letter Opener Sword honors the medieval French heroine and saint in beautiful cast bronze detail, depicting the Maid of Orleans wearing full plate armour and kneeling humbly to offer her blade.

Large Steampunk Magnifier

Item # 802815
This wonderful magnification device is perfect for your Victorian investigations. The Large Steampunk Magnifier is made of antiqued brass with a leather-wrapped wooden handle. The functional magnifying glass offers 2X magnification.

Mermaid Cellphone Holder with Speaker

Item # SI-34007
Mermaids sing with lovely voices, giving them an association with music that continues in this statue. The Mermaid Cellphone Holder with Speaker depicts a mermaid sunning herself on a rock that doubles as a cell holder.

Merman & Mermaid Magnifying Glass

Item # WU-1585
This touching moment between a merpeople couple has been immortalized in this vintage style magnifying glass. Perfect for a nautical den or library, this Merman & Mermaid Magnifying Glass will become a treasured desk accessory.

No Evil Skulls Pencil Holder

Item # CC11145
Depicting one of the most famous proverbs of all time, this No Evil Skulls Pencil Holder is a fun way to show your love of skulls! The skulls are stacked together to form the pictorial maxim See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

Nouveau Dragonfly Cup

Item # SC8015
Dragonflies symbolize change with their wings that can catch the slightest change in the breeze. The Nouveau Dragonfly Cup wraps these delicate wings around the mouth of the cup, while its body stands vertical among other patterns.