A Spanish replica maker, Denix creates museum-grade collectibles to decorate your home or serve as theatrical props. Among these replicas, Denix remains especially well-known for their high-quality, non-firing firearms. We carry a variety of types of these gun replicas, including historical rifles, flintlocks, and pistols. In addition to guns, we carry fine Denix western badges, sword wall plaques, miniature cannons, sword letter openers, replica bullets, and more! We also provide a number of sword hangers and weapon display stands to allow any collector to create an attractive presentation of their pieces. Whether you have a particular interest in historical weapon replicas or simply enjoy adding touches of the past to your decor, we surely possess something to pique your interest!

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Wood Sword Stand

Item # OD9990
The Wood Stand for Pieces is a great display stand. This piece has enough space to display up to twelve of your favorite pieces. This economical rack is a way to display your replica guns and swords without taking up a lot of space.

Wooden Badge Box

Item # OD850
A sheriff star is not meant to be pinned to the front of a vest at all times. When a lawman lays himself down to sleep, the badge comes off, and such a symbol of power should be stored with dignity. Luckily, the Wooden Badge Box is here.

Wooden Firearm Stand

Item # AC-22-800
Do not let the small size of this Wooden Firearm Stand fool you into thinking that it is made only for small pistols, because it is not. The four-footed design is surprisingly steady, making it great for supporting larger firearms, too!

Wooden Letter Opener Box

Item # OD851
A beautiful letter opener needs a beautiful box. Otherwise, it just sits on a desk, undignified, as dust gathers along its blade. With the Wooden Letter Opener Box, you can treat your trusty stationery sword with the respect it deserves.

Wooden Pistol or Dagger Stand

Item # AC-22-801
It would seem a shame to leave your fine looking pistols just sitting around in a haphazard pile. That is why we offer this Wooden Pistol or Dagger Stand, so that you can pick up your arms and put them on display with moderate ease!

Wooden Pistol Stand

Item # OD808
Showcase your favorite small firearm replicas with the Wooden Pistol Stand. Made from high quality wood, this simple and elegant stand makes your collectible the main focus of its display, whether placed on a shelf, desk, or table.

World War II British Sten MK II

Item # FD1148
Used extensively by British forces in World War II, several adaptations of the Sten have existed, but most notable is the MK II. An iconic firearm, no weapons collection would be complete without the World War II British Sten MK II.

WW2 Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun Replica

Item # FD1301
A Russian select fire submachine gun that saw heavy use during WWII, the PPSh-41 SMG stayed in popular use by other communist bloc countries through Vietnam. The WW2 Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun Replica makes a great collectible.