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Gradually, Deepeeka has established itself as one of the known manufacturers of medieval arms and armour, featuring a diverse array of historical weapons modeled and patterned after actual historical antiques. We are happy to offer you a selection of their medieval arms taken from various ages, ranging from Greek and Roman weapons all the Viking arms, medieval weapons, and beyond. These weapons are all made from quality metals, oftentimes featuring polished iron or brass finishes to recreate a realistic and historic look, although stainless steel finishes are not uncommon either. Many of weapons featured here are manufactured by Deepeeka to resemble actual weapons found on archaeological digs or displayed in museums across the world, adding an incredible touch of realism to virtually every item offered. Many of the swords are clearly featured from different stages of European history, ranging from Greek era weapons like the kopis to Roman era weapons like the gladius, the spatha, and pilum, and beyond, up to and including medieval era weapons like the longsword, the halberd, and more. If you're a connoisseur of ancient arms and find yourself in want of a classic, historic looking weapon taken straight off the pages of a history book, than you're in luck, because that's virtually exactly what you'll find here in the Deepeeka category.
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Cruciform Knights Sword

Item # AH-6969
This Cruciform Knights Sword is patterned the Marshall Sword, which is a part of the William Wallace Collection, and is also named after one of the finest knight found in the pages of English History, Sir William Marshall.

Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard

Item # AH-3246N
A typical crusader sword was usually an arming sword or a longsword, depending on the era and the crusader. This Crusader Cross Sword with Scabbard is a fantastic battle ready arming sword that features impressive crusades-era style.

Damascus Roman Mainz Gladius

Item # AH-4209D
The gladius was the Roman weapon of choice for many years, and it exceled during its years of service. This Damascus Roman Mainz Gladius mimics the classic Roman sword and enhances it with a resplendent damascus steel pattern.

Dark Ages Arming Sword

Item # AH-6951
They were not called the Dark Ages for nothing. It was dangerous times, and a mans best friend in that era was the sword at his hip. This Dark Ages Arming Sword delivers to you the classic sword of the age, to use in your endeavors.

Delos Sword

Item # AH-4215
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This Delos Sword is a simple blade with obvious Hispanic influences that is modeled after a Roman sword found in Delos, Greece.

Early Irish Hilt Sword

Item # AH-3292
This sword predates the typical basket hilt Irish swords, although the lack of a basket hilt does not make this Early Irish Hilt Sword any less effective. In fact, this sword remains a viable option thanks to its blade design.

Economy Pompeii Gladius Sword

Item # AH-4211E
The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman armies, and in trained hands, this blade became one of the most effective in history. The Economy Pompeii Gladius Sword is modeled after the Pompeii gladius, which featured parallel edges.

Fencers Swept Hilt Rapier

Item # AH-3405
As swords became lighter, carrying and fighting with one became popular among civilians. This Fencers Swept Hilt Rapier is one sword that a noble might have carried, as much for self-defense as a symbol of personal skill and prestige.

Five Lobe Viking Sword

Item # AH-6963
When it came to swords, Vikings had a surprisingly diverse taste. Far from just wanting sharpened steel, they tended to favor ornate blades. This Five Lobe Viking Sword, for instance, is a combination of subtle detail and effective form.

French Grenadier Infantry Sword

Item # AH-3411
Sabers have been favored the world over, for hundreds of years, as military swords, and this French Grenadier Infantry Sword reaches back into the 1700s, serving as a symbol of office and rank, as well as a battlefield companion.

Gallowglass Sword

Item # AH-3418
The Scots were not without their own mercenary force in the Middle Ages, and theirs were, locally, some of the best fighters around. This Gallowglass Sword is based on the weapon of that group, as well as carrying their name!

German SS Saber

Item # AH-4196
Sabers can trace their origins back as far as the 1500s, to the European backsword. Originally a functional arms, they have remained a part of an officers attire, even into modern times. This German SS Saber is one such example of that.