Decorative Wall Plaques

Some people look at a wall and see just that, a wall. But we see so much more. We see a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated with any of our decorative wall plaques. These wall plaques pack a potent punch of medieval style, making them great ways to spruce up the look and feel of any room. Attention to detail is one of the main features of many of our wall plaques, as they possess an incredible look and feel that definitely stands out from more traditional wall decor. Each piece has the detailing necessary to render it a centerpiece, either in the room or in a collection, and each one will work wonders when it comes to enhancing the overall medieval style of your room, whether it is a sitting room, a private library, a study, or an office. Many of the wall displays combine a traditional wood plaque with elements like miniaturized medieval armor and swords to create a striking display and others include into the mix stunning designs, like knotwork or heraldic crests to greatly enhance the plaque style. Our selection of wall plaques is incredibly varied, as we offer a variety of Celtic, greenman, and fantasy wall plaques as well as wall plaques that will certainly fit nicely within gothic themes. Distinctive and unique as they are, any of our decorative wall plaques are bound to look great when you hang them in your room of choice, acting as great conversation pieces or fantastic decorations that will keep your guests talking and admiring, and that makes them a success, as far as decorations go.
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Blessed By Fairies Plaque

Item # CC9261
To be blessed by the fairies is to have good fortune in all your endeavors, so much so that your success seems almost magic. This Blessed By Fairies Plaque will tell everyone of your good fortune, while also showing off fairy style.
$17.00 $15.30

Blessings Angel Cross

Item # CAS-5066
Possessing beautiful details and classic design, the Blessings Angel Cross is made from hand-cast stone and makes an eye-catching home accent piece. The unique shape of this cross really helps it stand out and add a stylish touch.

Blueberry Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4585
Trees may not technically be his jurisdiction, but that does not mean that he will not watch over the arbors and flowers in your yard. The Blueberry Greenman Plaque makes a fantastic piece of decor for your home or garden.

Broadleaf Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4308
Not even the playful colors of a butterfly can lift this nature spirits mood. Perhaps, though, a bit of life and light can do the trick. Add this Broadleaf Greenman Plaque to your decor and see if you can lift his spirits.

Bronze Celtic Claddagh Plaque

Item # CC10889
The Claddagh is a classic symbol out of Ireland that is known and loved by so many people around the world. Represent love, loyalty, and friendship in your home in an eternally bonded circle with this Bronze Celtic Claddagh Plaque.

Bronze Celtic Goddess Aine Plaque

Item # CC11838
Deep beneath the water, at the bottom of Lough Gur (Enchanted Lake) in Ireland, legend claims there lives a mermaid goddess. With the Bronze Celtic Goddess Aine Plaque, you can bring that unique and interesting legend to your home.

Bronze Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque

Item # CC10724
The concept of yin-yang appears throughout Chinese alchemy, as does the image of the dragon. The Bronze Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque creates a twist on the usual symbols in a unique design by artist Maxine Miller.

Bronze Horned God and Goddess Elemental Plaque

Item # CC10725
The Bronze Horned God and Goddess Elemental Plaque uses many potent symbols of protection for the home. This detailed pentacle displays Celtic knotwork and animal spirit symbols around the edges of the five-pointed star.

Bronze Joan of Arc Into Battle Wall Plaque

Item # WU-1974
Clad in bright gold armour and banner in hand, Joan of Arc leads her forces into the fray as god rays pour down from darkened clouds. The Bronze Joan of Arc Into Battle Wall Plaque depicts this scene captured in cold cast bronze.

Bronzed Greenman Plaque

Item # CC12556
The greenman is a nature spirit in ancient European mythology who keeps watch over the forest and helps plants to flourish. What better spirit, then, to keep watch over your home than the Bronzed Greenman Plaque?

Bruno Greenman Wall Plaque

Item # OL-AK141
The face of the Greenman has long been found decorating medieval structures. Incorporate this element of history by decorating the walls of your own home or garden with the howling, leafy face of the Bruno Greenman Wall Plaque.

Buzz Off Plaque

Item # CAS-1126
Not every green man will happily welcome you home, the Buzz Off Plaque is wonderful example of this idea. It could be in his nature or it could be the bumblebee resting on his leaf, whatever the case may be this green man has attitude.