Decorative Oriental Swords

Oriental swords possess many unique looks that set them apart from Western blades, making them a great choice for collectors. We carry a fine selection of Decorative Oriental Swords in a range of different styles, including decorative katana, decorative wakizashi, decorative ninjato, decorative Dao, and more. These decorative samurai swords and ninja swords look stunning when posed in a display case, set on a display stand, or showcased with a wall hanger. Our selection includes a number of distinctive Chinese swords and Japanese swords with ornate detailing that makes them incredibly eye-catching. Certain of these non-functional swords come with sheaths, scabbards, and harnesses that allow them to be carried as props or costume accessories. Crafted from materials ranging from stainless steel to high carbon steel, these excellent Oriental weapons are sure to become the highlights of your collection.
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Twin Blade Ninja Sword

Item # MC-HK-6183
Surprise your enemies with a double-edged assault with the Twin Blade Ninja Sword. Made from stainless steel, the sword is all black with a black nylon wrapped handle for superior grip.

Two Handed Zombie Slayer Katana

Item # NP-K-593-BK
Although the zombie outbreak has left the Edo Period in chaos, you still roam the land, living by the code of the samurai. The Two Handed Zombie Slayer Katana is the perfect weapon for a time-traveling adventure into a dystopian world.

Urban Ninja Black Sword

Item # MC-HK-1066
For the neighborhood vigilante cosplay, the Urban Ninja Black Sword is a superb choice. This sleek sword will put you a cut above the rest, delivering a deathblow to your foes as they succumb to envy of your collection.

White Katana with Hidden Dagger

Item # NP-KON02WT
A truly unique creation, the White Katana with Hidden Dagger screams for attention. The katana is constructed with traditional design, but a stylish throwing dagger is included that takes this set of weaponry to another level.

Wood Gloss Samurai Katana

Item # ZS-926926
The Wood Gloss Samurai Katana has an authentic, minimalist look. The stainless steel blade is paired with a brass collar and an unadorned oakwood finish handle, a straightforward style that calls to mind formidable and stern warriors.
$74.00 $66.60

Zom-b Skull Slayer Katana

Item # ZS-926855
Show that you are one of the few preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse with the Zom-b Skull Slayer Katana placed in a prominent location in your home. This decorative sword has a dramatic look for display.
$39.90 $35.91

Zombie Hunter Samurai Sword

Item # MC-ZB-026
For those prefer the proactive route to ensuring their safety in the event of a zombie outbreak, we present the Zombie Hunter Samurai Sword. This is a katana style sword that has been tailored to meet your zombie slaying needs.

Zombie Slayer Katana

Item # MC-ZB-029
Great for showing your readiness for the zombie rising, the Zombie Slayer Katana is a must-have for your survival kit. Crafted from carbon steel and donned with green blood silk screenings, this blade is a warning of things to come.

Zombie Slayer Ninja Sword

Item # MC-ZB-159
The Zombie Slayer Ninja Sword combines the finesse and skill of two of the most talented types of fighters. Zombie hunters and ninjas alike will look to this sword as a must have blade to include in their apocalypse combat kit.

Blue Blade Katana

Item # MC-TR-031BL
Katana come in many distinctive and eye-catching designs inspired by Japanese artwork and culture. The Blue Blade Katana displays an additional noteworthy element in the brilliant blue coloration of its carbon steel blade.