Decorative Oriental Swords

Oriental swords possess many unique looks that set them apart from Western blades, making them a great choice for collectors. We carry a fine selection of Decorative Oriental Swords in a range of different styles, including decorative katana, decorative wakizashi, decorative ninjato, decorative Dao, and more. These decorative samurai swords and ninja swords look stunning when posed in a display case, set on a display stand, or showcased with a wall hanger. Our selection includes a number of distinctive Chinese swords and Japanese swords with ornate detailing that makes them incredibly eye-catching. Certain of these non-functional swords come with sheaths, scabbards, and harnesses that allow them to be carried as props or costume accessories. Crafted from materials ranging from stainless steel to high carbon steel, these excellent Oriental weapons are sure to become the highlights of your collection.
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Cornsilk Tassel Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-113
Holding the final pose of his tai chi form, the student faces his mentor. She gives a curt nod, presenting him with this Cornsilk Tassel Tai Chi Sword. He must continue his lessons until the ornate sword is an extension of his hand.

Deadly Duo Ninja Swords

Item # MC-HK-1249
Beset by brigands, the wanderer drew her sword. Partway through the bout, she changed her grip and drew her hands apart, each now holding an identical black blade. Wielding the Deadly Duo Ninja Swords two-handed, she defeated her foes.

Double Ninja Sword Set

Item # MC-SW-896BK3
What is better than wielding one sword? Wielding two, of course! This Double Ninja Sword Set is a dual-wielders dream, as it comes complete with not just fine swords, but also the scabbards and shoulder straps necessary to carry them!

Dragon Brotherhood Oriental Sword Set

Item # MC-SW-165
Unleash the dynamic energy of the twin dragons with the Dragon Brotherhood Sword Set. Unity reaps greater strength. Loyalty reaps power. Let the glint of these steel blades resurrect the honorable spirit of the samurai brotherhood.

Dragon Tanto

Item # ZS-210172
A fantastic choice for knife and dragon enthusiasts, this Dragon Tanto features an etched black dragon slithering down the blade. This stainless steel fixed blade knife displays the pronounced chisel tip of an American style tanto.
$9.50 $8.55

Elegant Samurai Tanto

Item # MC-DB-T02
Having completed the assigned tasks, the student stands before the tribunal. He finds peace within while they deliberate. Soon the weaponsmaster approaches, offering the Elegant Samurai Tanto as confirmation of his new status.

Feline Grace Oriental Sword

Item # MC-SW-403
As the sun reaches its zenith, the triumphant cavalry return to the gated city. Dismounting within, their leader bows, presenting the Feline Grace Oriental Sword to her commander. The crowd cheers - their enemy has been defeated.

Full Tang Ninja Sword with Oval Guard

Item # NP-K1020-13BK
Be prepared to defend your honor with this Full Tang Ninja Sword with Oval Guard. The blade features seven silver-colored characters near the guard, giving it a distinct look. This sword has an oval guard and pommel with lanyard hole.

Fury of the Dragon Sword

Item # MC-SW-307S
Taking his place with the guard, the former student fastens the Fury of the Dragon Sword at his hip so that it may be easily drawn when needed. His expression remains stoic, but his eyes shine as he meets the gaze of his father.

Grave Robber Sword

Item # MC-SW-466
Two hooded figures emerge from a crypt, heavily laden with pilfered treasures. The moonlight filters through the trees, exposing the nefarious pair. As an alarm sounds, the pair brandish their Grave Robber Swords to cut their way free.

Hand Forged Ninja Sword

Item # MC-TR-028
In between missions, ninjas need great display swords with which they can decorate their homes. The Hand Forged Ninja Sword is a sword to be bragged about, with its sleek design and quality that only comes from making it by hand.

Holy Guardian Samurai Sword

Item # MC-DH-007BK
As the vampires encroach upon the temple, you will need the appropriate weapon to fend them off. Decorated with the sacred cross, the Holy Guardian Samurai Sword will do admirably as you vanquish your undead foes.