Decorative Belt Buckles

Once upon a time, belt buckles could be seen as an indicator of style and status (plus, they served a great function, too). That time is making a come-back and we are thrilled to have the chance to offer you a wide selection of brilliantly styled decorative belt buckles that you can feature in many of your daily attires! These decorative belt buckles are designed to be worn with all different style and types of belts, allowing you to customize your look with ease (please note that not all belts are compatible with belt buckles, so read each belt buckle description carefully to determine if the buckle you select will work with the belt you have in mind). And even better, these belt accessories come in a wide variety of styles, so much so that you could easily have a belt buckle for any occasion! Some are sinister, others are eerie, and some are outright awesome! You can vary your look by wearing stylized scrolls, skulls, and other intriguing accessories at your belt, or creep out your friends by adorning your belt with something truly dark and gothic! Or, if you are looking for something a bit more formal, pair a nice belt with one of our more subdued buckles, and you will have a combination that will work wonders at weddings, balls, parties, and more! So long as you have a working belt, the possibilities you will find here are almost endless! So if you are looking for creepy, eccentric, steampunk, surreal, or stylish belt buckles, then you have come to the right place, so start browsing to see which of these fine decorative belt buckles will best suit your taste and your need!

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1851 Officers Belt Buckle

Item # ONC05
We carry a full line of Civil War belt buckles for both sides of the war, Union and Confederate pieces. The 1851 Officers belt buckle measures 3 inches long and will fit most sized belts.

3 Inch Twisted Iron Round Buckle

Item # HW-700289
Sometimes shiny brass belt buckles just do not match the aesthetic of an outfit. The 3 Inch Twisted Iron Round Buckle works great in those situations. Add it to an outfit for a LARP event, convention, or historical reenactment.

3 Inch Twisted Iron Square Buckle

Item # HW-700292
For the Crusader, the merchant, or other medieval character, the 3 Inch Twisted Iron Square Buckle makes a fantastic accessory and statement piece. Add it to an outfit for a LARP event, cosplay convention, or historical reenactment.

Anite Buckle

Item # MY100708
A warrior is only as good as their best defense, and their best defense is only as good as the buckles that hold it all together. Make sure your armour stays on your body in the thick of the fight when you use the trusty Anite Buckle.

Awaren Clasp

Item # MY101007
If you are looking to improve your elf, rogue, or Viking costume, consider adding the Awaren Clasp to your outfit for a truly customized appearance. This bronze clasp looks great with a variety of fantasy and historical costumes.

Birka Hooks

Item # MY101006
Vikings and medieval warriors wrap their arms and legs for a variety of reasons. Use the Birka Hooks to make sure that your leg wraps do not unravel. These hooks look wonderful at a historical reenactment, cosplay, or LARP event.

Bowed Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701211
Enjoyers of archery can show their appreciation with the Bowed Belt Buckle. This brass belt buckle resembles a bow ready to release an arrow. Wear this buckle to a fantasy convention, use it in a DIY cosplay, or for costume repair.

Brass Belt Buckle

Item # HW-700669
Making a truly great piece of armor or medieval ensemble requires fantastic hardware. Add this amazing Brass Belt Buckle to your next DIY project. Wear it as a part of your everyday wear or as part of a fantasy or historical costume.

Brass CS Belt Buckle

Item # ZS-HS-7851
Civil War enthusiasts can enjoy another fantastic collectible with the addition of this Confederate belt buckle! The Brass CS Belt Buckle features a round central icon displaying the letters CS in calligraphy.
$20.50 $18.45

Brass Strap Buckle

Item # HW-701217
Whether a rich medieval merchant or an elven ranger, buckles are a great and often needed clothing accent. Add our Brass Strap Buckle to your outfit. This buckle works great for a historical reenactment costume or LARP ensemble.

Brass Viking Belt Adornment

Item # HW-701141
Many medieval belts have small decorations along their length. Other works of leather also feature ornaments like this Brass Viking Belt Adornment. It is fantastic for DIY projects, especially ones for reenactments and roleplaying.

Brass Viking Belt Buckle

Item # HW-701138
Sometimes wearing a full outfit of Viking clothing is not enough. You wish to customize your accessories with items like our Brass Viking Belt Buckle. Add it to a leather belt for a unique look at a LARP event or reenactment.