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Deals - Jewelry

Decorate your favorite ensembles with stunning jewelry pieces that will not break the bank. We offer an excellent selection of jewelry deals that will let you accessorize your ensembles with incredible gothic, steampunk, fantasy, Celtic, or medieval style. These marked down rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings are made with shimmering gemstones, fine metals, colorful enamel, and beads of various sizes. Our gothic jewelry pieces display skulls, spiders, bats, and serpents, among other motifs, while our steampunk jewelry includes a number of designs with gears and mechanical details. Dragons, angel wings, and fairies populate our fantasy jewelry with delightful looks, and Celtic knotwork, fleurs de lis, and roses round out the rest of our Celtic and medieval jewelry designs. Many of these sale items come in limited quantities, so be sure to snatch them up before it is too late!
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Diamond Pall Earring

Item # AG-E223
Diamonds are not just a girls best friend. They can also be a goths best friend too! This Diamond Pall Earring offers crystalline elegance to any goth lady in a double earring design that features both a cuff and a stud.
$20.00 $18.00

Double Triquetra Ring with Gemstone

Item # JB-107
The triquetra may be one of the most common Celtic knots seen today. It is an elegant symbol, and it is featured twice on this Double Triquetra Ring with Gemstone, alongside an elegant oval shaped gemstone that adds color to this ring.
$49.00 $41.00

Dragon Dream Necklace

Item # TS-0086
Depicting the form of a dragon in a unique way, the Dragon Dream Necklace is wonderful for displaying your interest in these legendary creatures. This detailed dragon pendant comes pre-strung from a black cotton cord.
$18.00 $14.00

EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Wristwatch

Item # AG-AW15
Now you can Measure the decay of time using Carnots second law of thermo dynamics via the EER Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator. This wrist gizmo features a 35 mm diameter quartz movement and a unique Galvanic Scale watch face.

Electromagnet Stud

Item # AG-E266
Henry's powerful 1827 development of this invention will now astonishingly increase brain power and memory retention! The Electromagnet Stud features a surgical steel post. It is sold individually but can fit either ear.
$19.00 $17.10

Elizabethan Cross Earrings

Item # AG-E366
The lovely Elizabethan Cross Earrings feature an ornate design inspired by the original motif of the decorative molding above the north entrance to the 16th century Kenilworth Castle of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester.
$20.00 $18.00

Elven Leaf Brooch

Item # JB-126
In the ancient lore, elves and faeries were known to dwell in peace and harmony with the forests and the plants, and it shows in their jewelry. This Elven Leaf Brooch is inspired by the elven love of leafy surroundings and deep forests.
$165.00 $148.50

Elyse Medieval Earrings

Item # TS-0022
Add a touch of medieval style to your attire with Elyse Medieval Earrings, and enjoy how their distinct charm accents your beautiful facial features. These earrings are accented with exquisite boldly colored crystals.
$18.00 $14.00

Empire Spur Gear Steampunk Cufflinks

Item # AG-CL13
By wearing these Empire Spur Gear Steampunk Cufflinks, one can demonstrate the advanced state of their existence through industrial exemplification, adding iconic gears to their state of elegant appearance and dress.
$45.00 $40.50

Empress Eugenie Earrings

Item # AG-E264
Opulence incarnate are what these earrings are. Fit for, and named after, an empress, these Empress Eugenie Earrings are a glorious way for any gothic lady to add something glittering and lovely to her attire, be it formal or casual.
$56.00 $50.40

Enameled Order of the Dragon Necklace

Item # JB-265
Dress in historical or vampire fashion with this medallion necklace! The Enameled Order of the Dragon Necklace features a dragon biting its own tail in front of a double-barred cross among colored enamel of your choice.
$98.00 $83.00

Engraved Tree Leather Bracelet

Item # AJ-0121
How is a bit of leather a bad thing? One look at this Engraved Tree Leather Bracelet will tell you that it is actually good for your look, as it brings a touch of artisanal style and greater detail to any ensemble you might wear.
$28.50 $25.65