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Deals - Jewelry

Decorate your favorite ensembles with stunning jewelry pieces that will not break the bank. We offer an excellent selection of jewelry deals that will let you accessorize your ensembles with incredible gothic, steampunk, fantasy, Celtic, or medieval style. These marked down rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings are made with shimmering gemstones, fine metals, colorful enamel, and beads of various sizes. Our gothic jewelry pieces display skulls, spiders, bats, and serpents, among other motifs, while our steampunk jewelry includes a number of designs with gears and mechanical details. Dragons, angel wings, and fairies populate our fantasy jewelry with delightful looks, and Celtic knotwork, fleurs de lis, and roses round out the rest of our Celtic and medieval jewelry designs. Many of these sale items come in limited quantities, so be sure to snatch them up before it is too late!
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Bower Troth Ring

Item # AG-R198
Offered as a token of love to a lady in her special, hidden sanctuary, the Bower Troth Ring shall enchant, charm, and engage the object of your affections in a heartfelt pledge of faith with its elegant and sparkling appearance.
$40.00 $36.00

Brass and Antique Silver Bracelet

Item # AJ-0112
There is a natural appeal that factors into the look of this Brass and Antique Silver Bracelet. Its form and shape are nothing if not unique, and it makes for an impressive accent that will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting impression.
$14.70 $13.23

Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings

Item # AG-E334
Catoptromancy goes back as far as Ancient Rome, where its practitioners were known as speculari. These Catoptrauma Mirror Earrings reference the dark portents glimpsed through the mirror with a fracture on its pristine surface.
$27.00 $24.30

Chained Love Rose Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E344
A lovely symbol of faithfulness and affection lasting beyond the grave, the blooming rose in the Chained Love Rose Ear Wrap is an elegant, distinctly gothic display of sentiment for those with a medieval sense of romance.
$25.00 $22.50

Chaosium Earring

Item # AG-E247
The Chaosium Earring is all about entropy. This fine accent is a chained stud and cuff that is made in pewter. Both the stud and the cuff sport the universal sigil for chaos, a burst of arrows that points in all possible directions.
$17.25 $15.53

Chrysler Bat Shot Glass

Item # AG-CWT44
There is something about the Chrysler Bat Shot Glass that just evokes thoughts of New York, circa the 1930s. This shot glass features creative Art-deco decorations combined with nocturnal nuances that fit the metropolis all too well.
$36.00 $32.40

Coiled Dragon on Cross Necklace

Item # TS-0076
Featuring the intricate design of a terrifying dragon coiled around a medieval style cross, the Coiled Dragon on Cross Necklace is an extraordinary purchase for those who enjoy the blending of fantasy and symbolism.
$18.00 $12.00

Color Scripted One Ring in Silver

Item # JB-176
At first glance, The One Ring of Power might be an innocuous accessory, but a second glance reveals it for what it is. It is recreated as this Color Scripted One Ring in Silver, which takes the accessory and reworks it in silver.
$108.00 $91.00

Copper and Antique Silver Leaf Earrings

Item # AJ-0096
These Copper and Antique Silver Leaf Earrings will provide you with a way to celebrate nature! Modeled after a tree leaf and given an immense amount of detail, these little leaf accents are a great addition to any ladies attire!
$15.00 $13.50

Cross of Iron Ring

Item # AG-R196
A cross means more than just spirituality. In the crusades, it was a martial emblem as well. This Cross of Iron Ring returns this ages-old symbol to those roots, with a design that intensifies its overall appeal.
$30.00 $27.00

Cusp of Titania Necklace for Radiance

Item # 090-BAF10
Take a moment to enjoy the brilliance of this Cusp of Titania Necklace for Radiance. Admire the endless beauty of this fairy posing near a crescent moon as she gently floats above the world reminding us of all things enchanted.
$21.00 $18.90

Daedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk Necklace

Item # AG-P594
Revealing the intrinsic beauty of the miraculous, mechanical, bat-winged flying machine, the Daedalus Penna Scientia Steampunk Necklace is as strange a flying machine as anyone will ever witness, odd-looking yet charming.
$79.00 $71.10