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Do not go into battle unprepared! Whether you enjoy LARPing, SCA, or historical re-enactments, make sure to come check out the excellent marked down armour, helmets, and shields to outfit your next fight. These sale items include steel armour packages, chainmail deals, and discounted leather armour to protect you and help you create an authentic period look. The reduced price armour, helmets, and shields come in styles ranging from medieval to Greek to fantasy, including a range of licensed products from franchises like Frank Millers 300 and Game of Thrones. Our helmet deals include crested Spartan helmets, Crusader helms, sallet helmets, and more. Shields come in historical designs like bucklers and aspides, as well as other traditional shapes. Since many of these items are available in limited quantities, make sure to take advantage of these special offers today!
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Arming Gambeson

Item # AB0158
Arming Gambeson is available in black. An arming gambeson is a special padded jacket worn under armour. The arming gambeson was specially designed so that parts of the armor could be sewn to it in order to improve security.
$119.00 $95.00

Backplate for King or Templar - Size Large

Item # MCI-2522-L
Prepare for the customary stab-in-the-back at your next LARP event with the Backplate for King or Templar - Size Large. Enter the battleground in armour suitable for a noble or royal warrior, and protect your spine while doing so.

Backplate for King or Templar - Size Medium

Item # MCI-2522-M
When participating in a LARP battle, one never knows when ones friends, or rather frenemies, may try a surprise attack. Be properly defended on every side with the Backplate for King or Templar - Size Medium to complete your armour.

Breastplate King - Size Large

Item # MCI-2503-L
The dictator of the neighboring kingdom invades the western border. Lead your loyal legion of knights in earning a grand victory for your realm. Put on your best vestments and gird your chest with the Breastplate King - Size Large.

Breastplate King - Size Medium

Item # MCI-2503-M
Prepare for a successful endeavor on behalf of your kingdom by wearing armour suitable for a warrior of your royal status. The Breastplate King - Size Medium will safeguard your chest as you lead your knights toward a grand victory.

Eirik Wooden Viking Shield - Second Quality

Item # HW-700775
If you are wanting a battle tested shield, the Eirik Wooden Viking Shield in Second Quality has faced the elements to arrive to you at a great price. This Viking shield features the rust of warfare and a warrior reduced price.
$139.00 $90.00

Epic Warrior Complete Armour Package - Size Small

Item # MCI-2629-S
Enter the LARP battleground fully suited with the Epic Warriors Complete Armour Package â€' Size Small. This suit of armour includes the Epic Warrior breastplate, backplate, pauldrons with besagues, tasset belt, bracers, and greaves.

LARP Elven Battle Shield

Item # 887024
This shield embodies all the elegance of the Elven civilization. The curved, wood grained finish is accented with riveted antique brass trim. It features a vertical suede wrapped, hard rubber handle for support and control.
$179.00 $161.10

LARP Eye of Doom Shield

Item # 887023
This shield has a wicked shape and is centered with a demon eye, sure to strike fear into the hearts of your foes. The steel finish is edged with in antique brass color. The vertical straps and handle allow for maximum movement.
$129.00 $116.10

LARP Paladin Shield

Item # 887022
This shield is a classic, knightly heater shield. It features a suede wrapped, hard rubber handle with an adjustable leather strap for forearm support and excellent control. The wood grain faux finish is centered with an iron cross.
$109.00 $98.10

LARP Star Shield

Item # MCI-3048
Draw upon the mystical protective powers of the heavenly bodies with the help of the LARP Star Shield during your next battle. This hexagonal roleplaying shield features a central boss with radiating points in a brass-like color.
$90.00 $81.00

Leather Tassets for Antonius and Mantikor

Item # MY100164
No combatant is a stranger to injury. Wise warrior that you are, you adorn yourself accordingly. A cuirass covers the core, but nothing guards the thighs. Complete your armour set with the Leather Tassets for Antonius and Mantikor.
$53.00 $48.00