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Crusader Accessories & Jewelry

One of the most significant conflicts spanning Europe and the Middle East, the Crusades led to the creation of a number of iconic medieval symbols and motifs. We carry a wide range of Crusades accessories and Crusades jewelry inspired by the various knightly orders and historical battles. Two of the most well-known orders, the Templars and the Hospitalers, are represented within these unique pieces. Our inventory includes a variety of Crusader necklaces, cross pendants, Templar signet rings, knight pin badges, medieval bracelets, and other items. These Crusading knight accessories are perfect for costumes, re-enactments, or gifts for history buffs. Browse our selection, and you are sure to find something of interest!
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Agnus Dei Templar Necklace

Item # 090-KT8
As a religious order, many of the seals used by the Knights Templar had significant spiritual connotations. This Agnus Dei Templar Necklace recreates a popular and powerful seal that was favored by Templars located in England.

Black Knightly Belt

Item # 200676
Our Knights belts are the perfect choice for almost any medieval knightly outfit. The extra long 70 inch heavy grade black leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and heavy duty buckle.

Blade and Chalice Templar Necklace

Item # 090-KT14
In medieval times, it was rumored that the Knights Templar guarded the Holy Grail with their swords. In this Blade and Chalice Templar Necklace, the two come together in a union that symbolizes a balance of love, trust, and might.

Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt - Black

Item # HW-701283
Whether you are a knight, adventurer, or other character, the Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt in Black makes a fantastic accessory for your costume. Add a unique detail to LARP, faire, or reenactment outfits with this studded belt.

Brown Knightly Belt

Item # 200678
Our Knights belts are the perfect choice for almost any medieval knightly outfit. The extra long 70 inch heavy grade brown leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and heavy duty buckle.

Byzantine Eagle Templar Necklace

Item # 090-KT6
The eagle is a heraldic bird, one that rules the sky and as such, symbolizes courage and determination worthy of the king. This Byzantine Eagle Templar Necklace merges that creature with the mystic symbols of the ancient knightly order.

Crusader Knight Calatrava Cross Keychain by Marto

Item # MA-LL005S
Attractive but not ostentatious, this Crusader Knight Calatrava Cross Keychain, by Marto, is the perfect way to provide a touch of Templar style to your everyday apparel by keeping a Templar off-shoots cross with you at all times.

Crusader Maltese Cross Pendant

Item # AST-1163
With multiple popular variations such as the firefighters Cross of St. Florian and the cross of the Order of St. Stephen, the Maltese Cross, like the one seen in the Crusader Maltese Cross Pendant, is instantly recognizable and widely popular!

Crusader Sword Frog

Item # DK1076-4
The Crusader Sword Frog is based on the iconography of holy warriors honor bound to their cause. This handmade leather frog features a Crusader shield concho on its front accent panel, adding medieval style to its versatile form.

Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-336
The Crusaders Cross Buckle Belt is an attractive belt and belt buckle combination that can add just the right knightly touch to virtually any look. It is great not only for modern looks but also for knightly and historical ones.

Crusader's Cross Necklace

Item # CCJ341
This heavy metal pendant takes the symbols of a crusader and transforms them into a wicked representation of medieval style. This Crusaders Cross Necklace is designed well enough that it can be worn with any outfit you own!

Damascene Templar Cross Double-Sided Keychain by Marto

Item # MA-8306S
The Damascene Templar Cross Keychain by Marto is decorated with 24K gold damascene artwork on both sides, which depict not only a phrase key to the Knights Templar but also two of their most famous symbols.