Costume Wigs

We offer a variety of Costume Wigs that compliment many of the costumes we carry. Whether you are dressing up as a Pirate, Arwen, Legolas or a Fair Maiden, you'll find the perfect wig here. These are all great quality Halloween wigs and some of them are licensed from Movies. We carry medieval wigs, lord of the ring wigs, star war wigs, gothic wigs and renaissance wigs.
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300 Rise of an Empire Queen Gorgo Deluxe Wig

Item # RC-52862
The 300 Rise of an Empire Queen Gorgo Deluxe Wig is a stunning accent that offers any lady the perfect hair that matches the appearance of the character in the film, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to transform themselves.

Adult Gandalf Wig and Beard

Item # RC-34035
If you are seeking a company to join you on a grand adventure, you will find that wearing the Adult Gandalf Wig and Beard lends you an air of wisdom and power. This accessory set is perfect for Halloween and other costume events.

Adult Princess Leia Headband

Item # RC-8230
No cosplay depiction of Leia Organa is complete without her trademark hairstyle. The Adult Princess Leia Headband makes it easier to portray the heiress of Alderaan and Rebel Alliance leader from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Adult Princess Leia Wig

Item # RC-50832
Add the final touch to your portrayal of Rebel Alliance Leader, Leia Organa, with the Adult Princess Leia Wig. Based on the hairstyle she wore in the original Star Wars trilogy, this costume accessory is essential to your role.

Auburn Venus Wig

Item # FM-65375
Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, was often regarded as the most beautiful woman in existence. Now, you can contest that title, especially when you are wearing this Auburn Venus Wig, which makes you almost as beautiful as the goddess.

Black Barrel Curls Wig

Item # FM-61836
You will be transporting yourself back a few hundred years, fashionably speaking, when you wear this Black Barrel Curls Wig. Charming and simple, this wig is the perfect hairstyle for a variety of looks that are both elegant and gothic.

Black Gypsy Wig with Sequin Scarf

Item # FM-57575
Do not have the time, the patience, or the desire to create your own gypsy-styled hair? Well, never you fear, because this Black Gypsy Wig with Sequin Scarf will give you a head covered in curly black hair accented by a head scarf.

Black Pirate Beard and Moustache

Item # CAL-70490
Sometimes you forget your razor at home before embarking on your longer voyages. But thats okay. Flaunt the distinction of fully bearded and mustachioed swashbuckler style when you wear the Black Pirate Beard and Moustache.

Blonde Fairy Wig

Item # FM-67498
Some fairies would look perfectly normal, if not for their wings and manner of dress. Wearing this Blonde Fairy Wig, you will not be one of those fairies, thanks to this wigs striking color, which all but stands out in the light.

Blonde Lady Guinevere Wig

Item # CAL-70810
As queen of the realm, you are known far and wide for your effortless elegance. Featuring a natural wave throughout its long, past-the shoulder length, the Blonde Lady Guinevere Wig is the perfect accent to all your graceful ensembles.

Blonde Medieval Beauty Wig

Item # CAL-70819
From demure peasant maiden to formidable fantasy queen, the Blonde Medieval Beauty Wig lends loveliness to any costumed look. The wavy length of this light blonde costume wig cascades down past the shoulders on most wearers.

Blonde Princess Ponytail Wig

Item # FM-58455
Like a princess out of the most idyllic fairytale, this Blonde Princess Ponytail Wig is an elegant, regal style that is fit for nobility, whether you are a princess or a queen. The wig is made entirely from synthetic blonde hair.