Costume Prop Weapons

Realism in a costume is all well and good, and with any one of these Prop Weapons, you'll be able to add a real looking implement of war and bodily harm to any of your costumed looks, all without compromising personal safety or the safety of others. Because any costume can make use of a good prop, our Prop Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the incredibly realistic to gruesomely grisly, down even to props that are fantastic pieces of fantasy. This broad variety ensures that no matter what style of costume you have or what prop weapon you seek, you can likely find it here. Whether you're looking for a prop knife ripped straight out of a killer's hands, still spattered with blood, or a classic sword fit for any medieval warrior's grip, you can find those, and items of similar nature here. Next time you start putting together a costume and find yourself in need of a deadly weapon, don't risk life and limb by going for the real thing, especially not when you can just check out the Prop Weapons and locate something that is just as perfect for your look, without any of the risks or hazards associated with real weapons.
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Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Blaster

Item # RC-32241
Take up the standard issue F-11D blaster rifle when preparing to battle the Resistance. Join with your fellow soldiers of the First Order with the Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Blaster as an accessory to your costume.

Steampunk Revolver

Item # FM-66238
For a touch of danger and protection, why not add a Steampunk Revolver to your costume? One can never be too cautious. This intriguing Steampunk pistol is a great little prop that creates the appearance of a steam-powered pistol.

Steampunk Space Gun

Item # FM-66481
The best way to make sure that you are well-defended at all times in your Steampunk escapades is to carry a weapon. The Steampunk Space Gun is a great choice, featuring an antiqued look that is rather impressive to behold.

Sting Costume Sword

Item # RC-34031
Bilbo Baggins finds the sword Sting after his encounter with trolls. He discovers that it glows when orcs or goblins are near. Now your favorite Hobbit can carry this Sting Costume Sword on all of their expeditions and adventures.

Sub-Zero Costume Sword

Item # RC-30542
Be stealthful as the night, as the reclusive Lin Kuei say, with this Sub-Zero Costume Sword at your side. The simulated blood spatter gives this prop blade a wicked appeal, which will enhance your Mortal Kombat costume ensemble.

The Hobbit Gandalf Sword Prop

Item # RC-35059
As the dwarven company makes its way to Erebor, they discover weapons in a troll cave. Gandalf takes the elven sword Glamdring, which he uses to slay the Great Goblin. The Hobbit Gandalf Sword Prop is a replica of this iconic blade.

The Hobbit Legolas Greenleaf Fighting Knife

Item # RC-35458
Legolas Greenleaf shows off his formidable fighting skills in the Hobbit film trilogy using various weapons. The Hobbit Legolas Greenleaf Fighting Knife is a toy replica of one of his iconic blades and a great costume prop.

The Hobbit Orcrist Prop Sword

Item # RC-34027
One of the legendary swords of Gondolin, Orcrist is discovered by the dwarven company in a troll cave along with its mate, Glamdring. The Hobbit Orcrist Prop Sword makes a fantastic addition to Thorin Oakenshield ensembles.

Tina Goldstein Costume Wand

Item # LU-560020
Practical, but not without elegance, Tina Goldsteins wand befits the American aurors straightforward approach. The Tina Goldstein Costume Wand is essential for cosplaying the witch from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Undead Prosthetic Kit from World of Warcraft

Item # RC-68209
Our Undead Prosthetic Kit is licensed from the game World of Warcraft. The Undead Prosthetic Kit includes a latex jaw prosthetic, spirit gum and remover, 4 color make-up palette, washable white cream make-up, and a sponge applicator.
$20.00 $18.00

Wookie Costume Hands

Item # RC-2407
When you put on a costume, you endeavor to change your features to look like something new. And when it comes to costuming, these Wookie Costume Hands are perfect for doing just that - replacing your human hands completely.