Costume Masks

A mask is often just what you need to begin or finish a transformation. To that end, we carry quality latex masks that are great for Halloween, parties, LARP events, roleplaying, and more. Ranging in style, we offer a number of different masks to fit a variety of genres, ensuring that you can change yourself into almost anything. For horror fans, we offer monster masks inspired by zombies, vampires, demons, werewolves, aliens, and more. We also offer more medieval styled masks, allowing you to easily add a touch of history to your knightly costume. We also offer some licensed masks from blockbuster movies like The Hobbit trilogy, World War Z, and the Resident Evil series. We even offer some latex and vinyl gas masks, to help enhance apocalypse, steampunk, and military costumes! All of our masks are made in quality latex and vinyl, and most are offered in one size, which can be padded, pinched, or cut in the back to help adjust sizing. If you need to transform yourself, nothing gets the change done faster than a quality mask purchased from us.
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300 Rise of an Empire Persian Immortals Vinyl Mask

Item # RC-34070
The Immortals were some of the deadliest troops within the ancient Persian army, and when you don this 300 Rise of an Empire Immortals Vinyl Mask, you can easily be mistaken for one of them, thanks to this masks frightening look.

Adult Chewbacca Latex Mask

Item # RC-4195
Wherever Han Solo, intergalactic smuggler and Rebel Alliance fighter appears, this Wookiee warrior is always nearby. At your next costume event, portray the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon with the Adult Chewbacca Latex Mask.

Adult Rey Eye Mask With Hood

Item # RC-32297
Leave the desert wastelands behind and fight for the sake of the New Republic. Step into full character as the Force-sensitive scavenger from Jakku by adding the Adult Rey Eye Mask With Hood to your Halloween or cosplay costume.

Adult Voldemort Deluxe Latex Mask

Item # RC-68339
Orphan Tom Riddle is invited to attend Hogwarts by Albus Dumbledore, who is unaware the boy would become the dark lord known as Voldemort. This Adult Voldemort Deluxe Latex Mask is a perfect addition to your dark wizard costume.

Aida Mask

Item # HS-25071
This gruesome looking mask is ghoulishly unpleasant, inspiring all sorts of unpleasant thoughts. With its festering sores and haggard features, the Aida Mask is an impressive look no matter what type of unpleasantry you wish to be.

Albino Dragon Costume Head Mask

Item # HS-26600
Fire-breathing beasts that dwell in deep, underground caverns with golden hoards, dragons appear throughout fantasy literature. The Albino Dragon Costume Head Mask allows you to dress up in excellent fantasy style for your next party.

Ancient Skull Mask

Item # HS-26683
There is nothing that time has not touched. A skull from times long past is no exception. Embrace the remnants of what time leaves behind with the Ancient Skull Mask, the best way to combine the classic skull with everyday adventures.

Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Mask

Item # 804279
The steampunk vigilante known as The Archangel and his freedom fighters battle against the Skyraiders and underworld criminals. This Archangel Mark II Fiberglass Mask is molded directly from the one used in the hit web series.

Armageddon Android Skull Mask

Item # RC-68185
Replace the bone with metal, the muscle with hydraulics, and the blood with oil, and you will transform a skull into a robot, just as this Armageddon Android Skull Mask has transformed the skull into the visage of a mechanical monster.

Bad Seed Deluxe Mask

Item # RC-52361
Sometimes there is just no helping a bad egg. Or a bad seed, in this case. The Bad Seed Deluxe Mask takes Halloween horror to an extreme, warping the classic Jack-o-Lantern into a true monster that is sure to frighten others.

Bat Skull Helmet Topper

Item # RC-66003
For a touch of gothic style to add to your warrior look, why not add something batty to your armor? This Bat Skull Helmet Topper is designed to be worn on your head and has a gothic look, as well as a style befitting fantasy helmet.

Beast Silver Wolf Mask

Item # HS-26535
Transformed into a hideous beast by the power of the full moon, this lycanthrope has lost all sense of humanity. The Beast Silver Wolf Mask shows off long pointed ears, large fangs, and a blackened nose at the end of its snout.