Costume Gloves & Hands

If you've committed to a costume 100%, then you need to make sure that every inch of you is properly adorned. That means if you're going for a look that's monstrous, devilish, or undead, you need to cover your hands with a tasteful selection from the costume gloves and hands section. Why? Because human hands attached to, say, a werewolf or a devil are a dead give-away that can be avoided with just the addition of another great accessory. Every pair of costume gloves and hands offered here are a comfortable pair of masks for your hands that will transform each and every one of your little digits into something truly monstrous and magnificent. It doesn't matter if you want werewolf hands, vampire hands, skeletal hands, or evil hands, you'll find the coverings you need here to ensure your ideal costume look. Many of the hands and gloves featured here are made from latex and designed to fit most-any size of adult hand, allowing for a touch of stretch and give that ensures the gloves and hands virtually always fit snugly. It's often the accessories and additions to a costume that help it stand out, and these costume gloves and hands are no different, adding a level of detail that is sure to leave onlookers enthralled by your costumed appearance.
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White Walker Hands

Item # TR-TTHBO102
Grab someone by the shoulder with these White Walker Hands and there will be no doubt that the White Walkers have risen again to terrorize the living. These latex gloves are officially licensed and approved by producers at HBO.

Yoda Latex Hands

Item # RC-2406
If you are planning on doing some good costuming, then you need to make sure you address every detail. Masks, make-up and clothing are all good, but how are your hands? If they need changing then consider these Yoda Latex Hands.

Zombie Flesh Gloves

Item # HS-25318
Survivors fear the grip of the undead, because after being grabbed comes being bitten, and that ends in zombification. These Zombie Flesh Gloves are bound to inspire fear when worn by the walking dead and seen by a survivor.

Zombie Flesh Hands

Item # HS-25306
Wearing these Zombie Flesh Hands, your hands will have a disturbingly realistic, zombified look to them. Covered in rotting flesh, blood, and bone, these hands alone will likely be enough to scare any person that they reach for.

Zombie Gloves

Item # FM-65984
These Zombie Gloves are the perfect addition to virtually any gray-skinned zombie costume. Don these gloves and you will immediately disguise your hands, replacing them with wrinkled, graying flesh and bony zombie fingers.