Costume Gloves & Hands

If you've committed to a costume 100%, then you need to make sure that every inch of you is properly adorned. That means if you're going for a look that's monstrous, devilish, or undead, you need to cover your hands with a tasteful selection from the costume gloves and hands section. Why? Because human hands attached to, say, a werewolf or a devil are a dead give-away that can be avoided with just the addition of another great accessory. Every pair of costume gloves and hands offered here are a comfortable pair of masks for your hands that will transform each and every one of your little digits into something truly monstrous and magnificent. It doesn't matter if you want werewolf hands, vampire hands, skeletal hands, or evil hands, you'll find the coverings you need here to ensure your ideal costume look. Many of the hands and gloves featured here are made from latex and designed to fit most-any size of adult hand, allowing for a touch of stretch and give that ensures the gloves and hands virtually always fit snugly. It's often the accessories and additions to a costume that help it stand out, and these costume gloves and hands are no different, adding a level of detail that is sure to leave onlookers enthralled by your costumed appearance.
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Adult Captain Phasma Gloves

Item # RC-32305
Prepare a legion of Stormtroopers to defeat the Resistance and dismantle the New Republic. Train your First Order soldiers well and lead by example while keeping a strong grip on your blaster with the Adult Captain Phasma Gloves.

Adult Darth Vader Gloves

Item # RC-1197
Depict the Sith Lord of the original Star Wars trilogy with the Adult Darth Vader Gloves as a final piece to your costume. For the Jedi warrior who seeks to portray Anakin Skywalker, these costume gloves are the perfect accessories.

Adult Dementor Hands

Item # RC-9716
These skeletal hands add a creepy effect to your Dementor costume. The rotting flesh and color of death remind everyone that you are here to feast on their happiness. Wear these Adult Dementor Hands for Halloween or any event.

Adult Katniss Costume Glove

Item # RC-32552
Katniss Everdeen wears a black archery glove as part of her tactical outfit in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. This Adult Katniss Costume Glove is the perfect finishing touch to your Mockingjay outfit for any costumed event.

Adult Kylo Ren Gloves

Item # RC-32302
Leave your past behind and move without hesitation as the dark Jedi in service to Supreme Leader Snoke and his First Order. Stand firm against every foe and maintain a steady grip on your lightsaber with the Adult Kylo Ren Gloves.

Adult Stormtrooper Gloves

Item # RC-32308
No First Order soldier should be without this costume accessory this Halloween. Add to the confidence and strength of your grip when carrying your F-11D blaster rifle to the next cosplay event with the Adult Stormtrooper Gloves.

Adult Voldemort Hands

Item # RC-9714
Returning from the dead is murder on your manicure! Its difficult to find time for self-care when you have Death Eaters to round up and a magical society to overthrow. Wear these Adult Voldemort Hands to your next event instead.

Black Steampunk Ruffled Lace Gloves

Item # FM-66145
It seems like, in Steampunk style, the hands are always forgotten in favor of goggles, gears, and hats. The Black Steampunk Ruffled Lace Gloves are an elegant addition to any outfit that adds a touch of color and a bit dose of style.

Bloody Arm Bandage

Item # FM-66193
Turn your arm into a mangled wreck with the Bloody Arm Bandage! This bloody wrap is the perfect way to make yourself look like you were the victim of a zombie attack, whose only medical treatment was to wrap the arm in bandages.

Bone Skeleton Gloves

Item # HS-25316
Whenever you don these Bone Skeleton Gloves, you will have an authentic pair of skeletal, deathly hands at your disposal. Even better, these bony digits will respond and work just as well as your mortal, flesh-covered fingers do!

Bone-Colored Large Skeleton Costume Hands

Item # HS-27068
Make sure no one has a bone to pick with your spooky Halloween costume this year by adding the Bone-Colored Large Skeleton Costume Hands to your ensemble! These detailed skeleton prosthetic hands are worn like gloves.

Bones Costume Hands

Item # HS-25341
Nothing can keep these old bones in the grave for long! The Bones Costume Hands transform your digits into the detailed skeletal fingers of a true bone walker. The high-quality latex costume hands are worn like gloves.