Compasses, Sextants & Telescopes

If you have got navigational problems, then we have the compasses, sextants, and telescopes to ensure that you will never again have problems finding where you are or where you need to be! But in all seriousness, we carry some particularly fine specimens as far as our nautical navigational equipment goes. If directional navigation eludes you, then perhaps you need one of our many fine compasses. Each one is masterfully crafted from quality metals, and, more importantly, each one is fully functional, ensuring that never again will the cardinal directions confound you. If you are a fan of celestial navigation, we have a number of functioning sextants, many of which are also made from brass, although in no way do we actually recommend you depend on our sextants for actual navigation. They are replicas, and while they function, they are not properly calibrated for actual use. And, of course, we have telescopes. We have a wide variety of optical devices, so if you want some awesome hand-held spyglasses, we have those as well in a variety of sizes and colors. We also carry full-sized telescopes made from solid brass. Oh, and our spyglasses and telescopes? They are all fully functioning too, so even if you do not plan on using yours any time soon, you can still pick it up and use it at a later date. If you are interested in a different sort of nautical decor, maybe you should consider looking through our compasses, sextants, and telescopes. Not only are they all top quality, but many of them are still fully functional, which makes them more than just nautical decor and accessories.
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Admirals Brass Sextant

Item # 08-BR48503
The German C. Plath sextant is regarded as the Rolls Royce of nautical sextants. The Admirals Brass Sextant is a beautiful, full-scale reproduction of this venerable item, the C. Plath micrometer drum brass sextant.

Adventurers Compass with Pouch

Item # HW-701183
No traveler should try to navigate their way without a map or at least a good compass. On any adventure, carry this Adventurers Compass with Pouch. This functional compass is great for explorers, reenactors, and nautical enthusiasts.

Antique Pocket Compass with Pouch

Item # GB-U-1815
One of the most charming things about a reproduction is the eye for detail. Our Antique Pocket Compass with Pouch resembles something straight out of the 19th century. The compass is coupled with a leather storage pouch.

Black Leather Wrapped Telescope with Pouch

Item # HW-701176
Set your sights on the path ahead using the Black Leather Wrapped Telescope with Pouch. This functional brass telescope has a three tiered design that collapses into a neat cylinder that is easily tucked inside its matching pouch.

Brass 6 Inch Round Sundial Compass

Item # 08-CO-0564
This is a beautiful Brass 6 Inch Round Sundial Compass. The top of the sundial is hinged and a curved scale is used to set your local latitude angle. The magnetic compass allows the sundial to be oriented north.
$99.99 $70.00

Brass and Leather Griffith Astro Telescope

Item # 08-ST-0126-leather
The Brass and Leather Griffith Astro Telescope is a beautiful solid brass refractor telescope and view-finder combination, all mounted on a wooden tripod. As decor or in use, this telescope is a tough customer to beat.
$200.00 $119.99

Brass and Leather Harbor Master Telescope

Item # 08-ST-0123-leather
The Brass and Leather Harbor Master Telescope is a beautiful, 100 percent brass, refractor telescope mounted on a wooden tripod, as well as an item of almost peerless quality that will add class and sophistication to any room.
$320.00 $191.99

Brass and Leather Telescope on a Stand

Item # 08-ST-0140-leather
The Brass and Leather Telescope on a Stand is a shining symbol of nautical exploration that will add presence and stature to any room, serving as a fully-functional telescope that enables distant viewing.
$69.99 $50.00

Brass Directional Desktop Compass

Item # 08-CO-0542
The Brass Directional Desktop Compass is a solid brass lightly distressed reproduction of an antique air-damped compass. The compass needle has long, balanced air paddles mounted perpendicular to the needle to allow stable readings.
$29.99 $20.00

Brass Dumpy Level

Item # 08-LI-1517
The Brass Dumpy Level, also known as an Engineers Transit, is an instrument of impressive quality and craftsmanship. This decorative item is also a fully-functional level and transit that you can use in a pinch.

Brass Gentlemans Compass

Item # 08-CO-0589
The Brass Gentlemans Compass is truly a great gift to any nautical scout in your life. This is a perfect gift for anyone who has need of a tasteful, yet functional compass that features both style and reliability.
$29.99 $25.00

Brass Hanging Compass

Item # 08-CO-0555
This Brass Hanging Compass is a solid brass reproduction of an antique sailing ship cabin compass. This solid brass compass is beautifully detailed, and polished to a high luster, making it a great display piece to have in your decor.
$49.99 $40.00