Combat Knives

We now carry affordable and durable quality combat knives and tactical knives. Our combat knives are made by CAS Iberia, Cold Steel and Windlass. Choosing the best combat tactical knives to use could easily be the difference between your life and death. We help you make that choice easy by only carrying the best combat knives made. Selecting reliable combat tactical knives can be the key difference in many unpredictable situations that face each of us more and more everyday. Once you see and understand our combat tactical knives, you will feel more assured you are making the right decision.
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11 Inch Combat Cleaver Knife

Item # ZS-211224
When you need a workhorse blade for processing deer or other game into manageable pieces for the freezer or grill, this 11 Inch Combat Cleaver Knife is an excellent choice. The nonreflective blade is also great for stealth maneuvers.
$9.50 $8.55

3V SRK by Cold Steel

Item # 07-38CKC
Designed with the demands of survival and rescue operations in mind, the 3V SRK is a versatile knife able to withstand even the most extreme conditions. This is a tough multipurpose survival tool that you can trust your life with.
$255.00 $204.00

Aggressor Black Tactical Knife

Item # KK0013
Special service units have strict requirements for their tactical weapons. The Aggressor Black Tactical Knife surpasses these requirements, making it a reliable survival knife that is fit to withstand your most extreme situations.

AK-47 Field Knife by Cold Steel

Item # 07-14AKVG
A perfect companion for todays modern military personnel, the AK-47 Field Knife is a strong and sturdy weapon that can stand up to any task. Tried and true, this is one knife that does not know the meaning of the word failure.
$295.00 $236.00

Biohazard Low Profile Drop Point Combat Knife

Item # KX-KB3001
A survival knife can mean the difference between life and death. Whether you face the elements, enemies, or zombies, this Biohazard Low Profile Drop Point Combat Knife is an effective choice to help you handle all that you encounter.

Biohazard Low Profile Green Commando Combat Knife

Item # KX-KB3005
A solid combat knife is a must-have in a variety of survival situations. Good for defense, for camping tasks, and more, this Biohazard Low Profile Green Commando Combat Knife is made to serve well, no matter what task you put it to.

Black and Green Paracord Survival Knife Set

Item # MC-HK-789-2
If one knife is not enough, then the Black and Green Paracord Survival Knife Set makes the perfect solution for your needs! These two knives are identical except in size, coming in overall lengths of 12 and 8 inches, respectively.

Black Honshu Aizu Ring Fighter

Item # UC3010B
The Black Honshu Aizu Ring Fighter will be your first choice for stealth missions and other night operations. Grab you gear, your Intel, and this elegant blade so you are prepared to perform and task that needs to be done.
$73.00 $65.70

Black Jungle Survivor Knife

Item # MC-HK-729BK
More often than not, a survivor has to pick a knife without knowing what they are going to need out of it or how they will be using it. If that is the case, make sure to pick something reliable, like this Black Jungle Survivor Knife.

Black M48 Stinger Combat Knife

Item # UC2937
Featuring a slim profile and a versatile blade design, the Black M48 Stinger Combat Knife is a terrific addition to any knife collection and is well-suited for self-defense with its superb thrusting and slicing capabilities.

Black Marines Grunt Knife

Item # MC-M-1032BK
Make double the trouble with the Black Marines Grunt Knife. Including both a fixed blade combat knife and a throwing knife, both in black, this set will have you covered in both the short and long game.

Black Military Utility Knife

Item # MC-MT-122
A military knife should be solid and strong, as well as useful. This Black Military Utility Knife is just that, possessing a versatile design and a hardy construction that makes this a self-defense tool and a survival implement.