Cold Steel Swords

Cold Steel is a U.S. based sword and knife company that is known for their rigorous standards for quality and performance. They provide high performance knives and swords that are designed to be tried and true, the result of painstaking research and development. This is a Cold Steel hallmark and they do not exaggerate. Their sword descriptions are highly accurate and come with a free Cold Steel DVD to show how strong these swords are. Cold Steel swords represent real, solid value for the money and definitely the top of the line for battle ready Medieval swords and Oriental style swords.
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Dragonfly Wakazashi

Item # 07-88DW
Elegance and skill are the hallmarks of traditional Japanese blades. The Dragonfly Wakazashi honors the legacy of samurai with skillful craftsmanship and beauty made larger than its feudal counterpart to better suit the modern warrior.
$675.00 $540.00

French Officer's Saber by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88NF
This beautifully detailed French Officers Saber is modeled after the 1815 saber carried by the Lancer Officers found in Napoleon Bonapartes army. As stunning as it is deadly, this saber is equal parts work of art and lethal weapon.
$774.99 $620.00

German Langes Messer

Item # 07-88GMSSM
Designed by Luke LaFontaine and Dave Baker, the German Langes Messer is a stunning sword. This modern interpretation of the historical German Long Knife features a clip point blade that is fully sharpened along its primary edge.
$320.00 $256.00

German Long Sword

Item # 07-88HTB
A high-performance sword for modern warriors and serious collectors, the German Long Sword features a design inspired by various historical examples. The functional sword is exquisitely balanced and hand-honed to a keen edge.
$730.00 $584.00

Gim Sword

Item # 07-88G
Developed after years of studying the straight bladed swords of China, Cold Steel has created the battle-worthy Gim Sword for collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts, ideal for cutting, slashing, and even stabbing action.
$480.00 $384.00

Gladius Training Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKGM
Virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff, and cut resistant, the Gladius Training sword is made of heavy grade polypropylene and closely duplicates the length, size, and weight of the real thing, making perfect for learning new skills.
$42.00 $33.60

Gold Lion Katana

Item # 07-88ABK
A beautiful reproduction of the everyday sword of the samurai, the Gold Lion Katana comes in a significantly lighter design that makes it faster in the hand and more comfortable to wear all day when tucked into an Obi.
$900.00 $720.00

Gold Lion Wakizashi

Item # 07-88ABW
Mirroring the craftsmanship and materials of the Gold Lion Katana, our Gold Lion Wakizashi is an equally beautiful oriental blade. The functional wakizashi serves as an exquisite companion sword or stand-alone weapon in its own right.
$683.00 $546.40

Grosse Messer Sword

Item # 07-88GMS
The Grosse Messer Swords heritage hails from central and northern Europe where, in days of old, noblemen and peasants alike relied on it to protect hearth and home from brigands, outlaws, and other characters of ill repute.
$400.00 $320.00

Hand & A Half Training Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKHNH
Ideal for combat training, the Hand & A Half Training Sword is made of sturdy polypropylene of the heaviest grade available, making it virtually indestructible and safe while replicating the size, weight, and feel of a real blade.
$50.00 $40.00

Hand and a Half Sword

Item # 07-88HNH
You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile or effective sword than this bastard sword. Known also as a Hand and a Half Sword, this weapon is the epitome of rugged design that is brutally effective yet effortless in its look.
$470.00 $376.00

Heavy Duty Sword Cane

Item # 07-88SCFD
There are few weapons that can be put into action faster than our sword canes. Just give the handle firm tug and the blade will literally leap into your hand, making this Heavy Duty Sword Cane a great personal defense.
$150.00 $120.00