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Whether you enjoy a cup of coffee each morning, the occasional hot chocolate, or are passionate about tea, you will find a mug for you in our coffee mugs section. These mugs are all great for any sort of hot beverage. Shop fantasy, gothic, medieval, and pop culture mugs here. We offer a variety of skull and warrior mugs for starting your day the hardcore way, collectible unicorn and fairy mugs for a touch of magic, and even steampunk mugs that bring unique charm to any drinking experience. These fantasy, gothic, and medieval mugs are perfect, not only for enjoying your favorite hot drink, but also for collecting and showing off your unique style on the daily. Shop this category for all our collectible coffee mugs, and you might just find your next favorite piece of drinkware.
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Alchemist Engraved Ceramic Mug

Item # AG-ALMUG2
Your grinning companion holds a white rose between his teeth. This might be considered romantic, if he were still among the living. This Alchemist Engraved Ceramic Mug displays a stark design of a skull with a fresh blossoming rose.
$20.00 $18.00

Blood Rose Ceramic Mug

Item # SL-00914
Add dark decadence to your morning coffee or hot chocolate when you sip from the Blood Rose Ceramic Mug. This gothic coffee cup features a highly detailed wraparound graphic where a multitude of blooming red roses drips with blood.

Blue Hatchling Dragon Mug

Item # CC13002
Dragon eggs often look like the dragons themselves. The Blue Hatchling Dragon Mug shows a young dragon leaving its tiny egg, escaping into the world. This mug is a fantastic dragon collectible but also makes a wonderful gift idea.

Bone Finger Ceramic Mug Set

Item # SL-00915
The Bone Finger Ceramic Mug Set adds a bit of fun to traditional gothic imagery. Each black ceramic mug in this set of two features large, detailed graphics showing different moods of a skeletal grim reaper, playful or defiant.

Cats Tears Ceramic Mug Set

Item # SL-00916
Enjoy a gothic take on catkind when you add the Cats Tears Ceramic Mug Set to your drinkware collection. Each has highly detailed graphics, one showing a cute vampire kitten, the other a grey tabby weeping tears of the darkest black.

Celtic Black Cat Mug

Item # CC13022
Drinking tea at the witching hour, you need a mug to match. The Celtic Black Cat Mug makes a great collectible or addition to a drinkware collection. The mug is also a great gift for those who love cats or enjoy fantasy drinkware.

Celtic Dragons Mug

Item # CC10084
Dragons remain notable for their size and reptilian appearance, often appearing with fierce majesty. The Celtic Dragons Mug displays two dragons clutching an orb among a Celtic knotwork pattern.

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Heat Reactive Travel Mug

Item # VP-54812
Dont Blink! This Doctor Who Weeping Angel Heat Reactive Travel Mug displays this dire warning that changes to an image of a predatory Weeping Angel reaching out with sharp claws and fangs when the mug is filled with a hot liquid.
$16.50 $14.85

Dragon Pentacle Mug

Item # CC10082
The word Dragon references its serpentine qualities as seen in some of the oldest depictions of the creature. The Dragon Pentacle Mug displays a dragon that weaves its sinuous form through the bars of a pentacle.

Dragons Dissent Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood

Item # CC90112
If you enjoy the dark and sinister side of fantasy and wish to enjoy your morning cup of coffee in style, then look no further than the Dragons Dissent Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood, which features an exceptionally detailed dragon graphic.
$10.00 $9.00

Force Awakens BB-8 Oval Ceramic Mug

Item # VP-55100
This Force Awakens BB-8 Oval Ceramic Mug will bring a smile to your face with every sip of your favorite beverage. This collectible Star Wars mug shows the plucky astromech droid BB-8 from the 2015 film Star Wars The Force Awakens.
$12.00 $10.80

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Mug

Item # Game-108
Medieval Collectibles is proud to announce a line of licensed products based on HBOs award winning television series Game of Thrones. Now you can bring a piece of Westeros into your own castle with our new Game of Thrones Targaryen Mug.
$13.00 $6.00