Keep your surfaces safe and stylishly adorned with our selection of coasters! We carry medieval, fantasy, gothic, and pop culture coasters here. Many of our coasters are made of high quality materials and are impeccably detailed. We offer hand painted cast resin coaster sets with bases that look like carved dragons, mermaids, fairies, and skulls. We also offer ceramic coaster sets decorated with graphics from popular franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek, as well as coasters decorated with fantasy or patriotic artwork. When you are looking for a set of coasters that will add to the intrigue and uniqueness of your home decor, shop our selection of pop culture, gothic, and fantasy coasters here.
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Harry Potter School Crest 4 Piece Square Coaster Set

Item # MG-48034
Add a touch of magic to your home decor with the Harry Potter School Crest 4 Piece Square Coaster Set. Prevent water damage to wooden surfaces while keeping your drinking glasses nearby with the emblems of Hogwarts Great Houses.

Kraken Coaster Set

Item # SC9219
Fear not this beast of the deep. The Kraken Coaster Set is ready to protect your tables and desks from the condensation of your drink, consisting of four round coasters and a matching holder for keeping them neatly contained.

Mermaid Coaster Set

Item # SI-50919
Of all the creatures that live in the ocean waters, mermaids remain some of the most mysterious, appearing alternately benign and dangerous. The Mermaid Coaster Set shows a gentle mermaid with four round coasters.
$55.00 $40.50

Metal Fleur-de-Lis Round Coaster Holder

Item # TY-H37
Crown your coffee table, desk, or dining area with the Metal Fleur-de-Lis Round Coaster Holder. This medieval coaster container keeps round coasters neatly and stylishly kept when not in use. Fleur-de-lis shapes form the metal frame.

Oak Wood Round Coaster Holder

Item # TY-H2
Add organization and class to any space with the Oak Wood Round Coaster Holder. This coaster container is perfect for showcasing a set of 4 round coasters even when not in use. The round, minimalist design suits any style of decor.

Old World Passages Coaster Set

Item # TY-TS2006
When home from the journey or when pausing to plan the next, the Old World Passages Coaster Set is a beautiful reminder of places both near and far. This antique map graphic coaster set is made of naturally absorbent sandstone.

Red Dragon Head Coaster Set

Item # EV-10085
Round out the gothic fantasy vibes of your home decor with the Red Dragon Head Coaster Set. A fearsome red dragon decorates the base of the coaster holder, and each of the four coasters features a pentagram and skull design.

Regal Fleur-de-Lis Square Coaster Set

Item # TY-AW2141
The Regal Fleur-de-Lis Square Coaster Set includes four coasters ready to receive beverages with royal elegance. These medieval coasters each have a bold Fleur-de-Lis design and are made of naturally absorbent travertine limestone.

Rustic Fleur-de-Lis Square Coaster Set

Item # TY-AW7092
The fleur-de-lis is a timeless symbol of royalty, and the Rustic Fleur-de-Lis Square Coaster Set presents it with antique elegance. Each of the four coasters in this set has a printed fleur design with a beautifully aged look.

Silver Dragon Coaster Set

Item # EV-10086
Nothing ties your decor together quite like the perfect set of coasters, so the Silver Dragon Coaster Set is perfect for displaying a dark fantasy vibe. A dragon guards four matching coasters, each featuring skulls and a pentagram.

Skull Coaster Set

Item # SC6372
The next time you have company you do not have to worry about annoying liquid rings on your furniture with the bold Skull Coaster Set. A fun and unique decoration like this is sure to make your social events that talk of the town.

Walnut Wood Round Coaster Holder

Item # TY-H92
Give coffee tables, desks, and dining areas easy neatness and style when you keep your coasters contained in the Walnut Wood Round Coaster Holder. This minimalist wood coaster can hold up to four round coasters in its circular shape.