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Clothing Accessories

Our growing selection of clothing accessories has the extra pieces you need to perfect medieval, Renaissance, gothic, and steampunk looks. Shop here for medieval aprons, sleeves, and leg wraps to add authenticity to historical costume, lace veils for a delicate addition to any outfit, and a variety of gloves that can help bring your look together. These medieval and fantasy outfit accessories are essential when it comes to creating a unique look. Shirts, pants, skirts, blouses, and dresses are not all you need to create your outfit. Be sure to keep checking back, as we will add new clothing accessories as they become available.
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Steampunk Clock Belt

Item # RL-SP072
Emphasize your trim waistline while reveling in steampunk style while wearing this thick, leather-like belt. The Steampunk Clock Belt supports an exposed clock face and its inner workings as its ornate hands point to the time.

Steampunk Heart Chest Piece

Item # RL-SP075
Steampunk fashion includes a variety of creative accessories that range from elegant Victorian to exotic science fiction. The Steampunk Heart Chest Piece leans a bit towards the second type with its decorative mechanical heart.
$95.00 $88.00

Steampunk Illuminating Chest Piece

Item # RL-SP074
Let your imagination fly with this steampunk accessory that adds fantastic realism to any neo-Victorian attire! The Steampunk Illuminating Chest Piece wraps across your torso and shoulder to rest a round device atop your breast.

Steampunk Leather Belt Pack

Item # RL-SP092
If you need a functional accessory when you are on the go in your steampunk ensemble, consider giving this belt bag a try! The Steampunk Leather Belt Pack supports a pouch that is perfect for holding your necessities.

Steampunk Phial Wristband

Item # RL-SP057
Combining the appeal of science fiction and the Victorian aesthetic, steampunk makes a fun and unique style for your attire. The Steampunk Phial Wristband provides a fantastic accessory to add to your latest ensemble.

Steampunk Pocket Arm Band

Item # RL-SP029
When you want your steampunk ensemble to stand out from all the rest, you will need to find the perfect accessories to accompany it! The Steampunk Pocket Arm Band combines functionality and style into its design.
$13.00 $11.70

Suede Celtic Gloves

Item # MCI-3290
You cannot underestimate the power of a great pair of gloves. Whether as the next piece of your cosplay, reenactment outfit, or LARP character, the Suede Celtic Gloves will help you form a cohesive look while lending light protection.

Thief Leather Gloves

Item # MCI-3337
Skilled thieves require dexterity and a good grip, the Thief Leather Gloves offer both! With their fingerless design, you gain the mobility and sensitivity of bare hands alongside the palm protection provided by leather gloves.

Three Tiered Rose Glitter Veil

Item # PH-1148
Perfect for formal occasions like wedding or costume balls, this veil adds beauty and charm to any gown ensemble. The Three Tiered Rose Glitter Veil displays three layers of sheer, glittery material trimmed with roses and ribbons.

Treasure Chest Leather Bra

Item # DK7055
The Treasure Chest Leather Bra is a must have for any Wench. Crafted from medium weight leather with a shaped cup, it provides an excellent fit. This leather bra comes in several sizes and feature an adjustable strap and buckle.
$89.00 $60.00

Victorian Lacy Canvas Cincher Belt

Item # PH-1151
As a stylish option for showing off your trim middle, this waist cinching belt offers a stylish and flattering accessory. The Victorian Lacy Canvas Cincher Belt features a lovely lace overlay over its soft canvas material.

Viking Apron Dress

Item # BG-1036
In the cold of Scandinavia, one layer simply will not do the trick. For this reason, Viking women wore both under- and overdresses. The Viking Apron Dress beautifully recreates one such overdress typical of the early Middle Ages.