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Clothing Accessories

Our growing selection of clothing accessories has the extra pieces you need to perfect medieval, Renaissance, gothic, and steampunk looks. Shop here for medieval aprons, sleeves, and leg wraps to add authenticity to historical costume, lace veils for a delicate addition to any outfit, and a variety of gloves that can help bring your look together. These medieval and fantasy outfit accessories are essential when it comes to creating a unique look. Shirts, pants, skirts, blouses, and dresses are not all you need to create your outfit. Be sure to keep checking back, as we will add new clothing accessories as they become available.
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Faux Leather Steampunk Harness

Item # DC1214
This Faux Leather Steampunk Harness is a garment that looks like a combination between an underbust corset and a bodice. In truth it is neither, being a completely unique piece that can be used to create a unique and distinctive style.

Flamed Leather Bra

Item # DK7054
Our Flamed Leather Bra is crafted from medium weight leather with a shaped cup that provides an excellent fit. Our leather bras come in cup sizes A through D and feature an adjustable strap and buckle harness system.

Freya Viking Apron Dress

Item # BG-1037
The Norse goddess Freya ruled over beauty and love. Few things enhance superficial beauty like style, and for their time, the Vikings had lots of style. This is exemplified in the Freya Viking Apron Dress, based on classic Viking wear.

George Canvas Belt Badge

Item # MY100441
No matter where a noble quest leads you, let all within the LARP kingdom be certain of your allegiance. In the midst of a battle or while journeying through the realm, reveal fidelity to your faction with the George Canvas Belt Badge.

Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape

Item # RL-21106
When none of the ordinary accessories will do for your outfit, consider adding this dramatic piece to your ensemble! The Gothic Beaded Collar and Shoulder Drape features strands of beads over your chest and arms.

Gothic Bitter Beauty Extra Long Rose Veil

Item # PH-1149
Many women dream of their wedding days for years, imagining their perfect gown ensemble complete with veil. The Gothic Bitter Beauty Extra Long Rose Veil cascades over your head and gown to drape behind you with elegant black mesh.

Gothic Bitter Beauty Short Rose Veil

Item # PH-1150
Cascading over your head and shoulders to your lower back, this veil will add elegance and beauty to your most important day. The Gothic Bitter Beauty Short Rose Veil makes a great bridal accessory with a gothic twist.

Gothic Black Lace Sleeves

Item # FX1004
Adding class to your ensemble is easy to do with the right accessories. A nice pair of evening gloves similar to ones that starlets and debutantes used to wear, like these lovely Gothic Black Lace Sleeves, will do just that!

Gothic Crystal Bow Fingerless Gloves

Item # RL-1017
When heading out to the opera, a wedding, or other formal occasion, make sure that every detail of your ensemble is complete. The Gothic Crystal Bow Fingerless Gloves make the perfect finishing touch to a fancy ensemble.
$20.00 $18.00

Gothic Lace Sleeve

Item # RL-21116
When planning to attend a formal event, you ought to enjoy the opportunity to dress up in an elegant ensemble! The Gothic Lace Sleeve provides an intricate accessory that adds a touch of striking fashion and flair to any outfit.
$50.00 $45.00

Gothic Spiked Shoulder Strap

Item # RL-21195
The most important parts of any ensemble are the accessories, which provide the flair to set the outfit apart. The Gothic Spiked Shoulder Strap wraps around the neck in a collar that spread out over the shoulders.

Gothic Studded Lower Leg Covers

Item # RL-1048
Accessories can radically change the tone of an outfit, making them some of the most important parts to choose! The Gothic Studded Lower Leg Covers wrap the leg in black leather-like material decorated with metal studs and spikes.