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Cloaks, Capes and Robes

Nothing quite compares to a really good cape. Except perhaps a really good cloak or robe, but really, they are all quite similar, so they might as well all count for the same thing. And lucky for you, Dark Knight Armoury carries a fantastic number of attractive and appealing cloaks, capes, and robes. Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a nice cape or cloak is that if you have done your work correctly, a cape is an easy addition to add to any outfit. You just buy one and affix it in place, either by tying it in place or closing it with a brooch. Each of our capes is a top quality garment. Many of our capes, cloaks, and robes are made from fabrics like cotton, velvet, or twill. And since they are available in a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy themed styles, there is assuredly a cape, cloak, or robe that fits your look and need. A plain cape goes great with almost any medieval look, where as any one of our knightly capes and cloaks, like our crusader capes, Templar cloaks, and Hospitaller cloaks, all compliment a knight or warrior wonderfully. We even have Spartan capes, wizard cloaks, and Jedi robes if you can believe it! Basically, here at Dark Knight Armoury, we like variety, and for that reason, we carry a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy themed capes, cloaks, and robes. Why? Because you really cannot beat a good cape, cloak, or robe.
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Capatino Wool Cloak

Item # 101699
Take a step back in time and brave the mists of Victorian London with the Capatino Wool Cloak. Regardless of chosen role, be you a traveler, tradesman, or denizen of high society, this wool cape lends extra warmth and authenticity.

Carl Canvas Cloak

Item # MY100265
You cannot go wrong with the Carl Canvas Cloak. With its versatile design and durable cotton canvas construction, this cloak is an easy way to embellish any outfit or protect your body from the elements during outdoor events.

Carl Canvas Crusader Cloak

Item # MY100390
For knights looking for a practical yet dynamic outerwear option, check out the Carl Canvas Crusader Cloak. This classic cloak features a large medieval cross on its front and is available in a variety of bold color options.

Catherine Black Lace Cape

Item # BR-0249
An elegant cover-up when heading out for an evening at the opera or a cocktail party, the Catherine Black Lace Cape drapes from your shoulders to down past the hips in the back. The sheer lace cape displays a lovely floral pattern.
$70.00 $63.00

Celtic Medieval Ritual Robe CrA22

Item # YDM-CL-0033
The Celtic Medieval Ritual Robe CrA22 is available in limited quantities. It is availabe at this discounted price in only the color and sizing described here. Any accessories (belts, hats, jewelry, et cetera) pictured are not included with the listed item, unless otherwise noted.
$61.60 $49.00

Childs Celtic Robe

Item # MCI-159
The Childs Celtic Robe is made of 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Celtic Robe is machine washable. The youth wearing the robe has most likely earned it through religious, magical, or other secretive means.

Childs Crusader Cape And Tunic

Item # MCI-161
This Childs Crusader Cape and Tunic is the perfect medieval outfit for your child. It includes both the tunic and the cape that is made of 100% cotton twill. The tunic has a cross in the middle of the chest. Available in many color combinations.

Childs Hooded Medieval Robe

Item # MCI-169
The Childs Hooded Medieval Robe is a great robe that comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Hooded Medieval Robe is a two piece ensemble that consists of the robe and hood. The Childs Hooded Medieval Robe is made of cotton.

Childs Monk Robe

Item # 100794
Be you be a man of the cloth or rogue in hiding, this is a perfect outfit for traveling the roads of any renaissance festival. A full, generous hood and belt complete the ensemble while offering plenty of style.

Childs Velvet Long Cape

Item # 100786
The generous hood and arm slits allow for easy maneuverability in this Childs Velvet Long Cape, while the stunning purple rayon lining makes this a perfect accessory piece for prince or princess alike.

Childs Wiccan Robe

Item # MCI-160
The Childs Wiccan Robe is made of 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Wiccan Robe is machine washable and is fastened by laces. This Childs Wiccan Robe is available in sizes Small through X-Large.

Colin Suede Shoulder Cape

Item # MY100147
Offering protection from the wind and weather, the Colin Suede Shoulder Cape serves as a stylish addition to your medieval apparel. Made from high-quality material, the suede cape features a tall collar that looks quite grand.