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Childrens Armor

A child in armor is not typically something you see every day, but if you shop at Dark Knight Armoury, it might just become a more familiar sight. Our childrens armor creates a ridiculously cool appearance that is great for costuming or LARPing. The armor is great, solid protection, especially if your child is involved in a live action role play. Our childrens metal armor is made from 18 gauge steel and the leather armor is made from 7-8 oz. leather both of which are perfectly capable of protecting your child from countless blows. And not only will they be protected, but they will also look very cool, like the warriors and knights that they fantasize and pretend to be. Which really means the armor is also fantastic for costume purposes. It is a great choice to dress up in for fairs, festivals, and fun. Armor does tend to get a bit uncomfortable, though, so if you do get your child some armor, a gambeson might be a good investment as well to ensure that the armor does not slip. Gambesons make wearing metal armor, in particular, more comfortable. Most of our childrens armor is designed to fit the child to preteen range, roughly ages 6 and 12. Double check the measurements offered in product descriptions to make sure you find things that fit well.
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Blackened Lucas Bracers

Item # MY100314
Particularly great for younger knights, the Blackened Lucas Bracers are sized a bit smaller than most adult bracers. These high-quality steel arm guards are treated for anti-rust and are fastened with adjustable buckled straps.

Blackened Lucas Breastplate

Item # MY100315
Specially designed for younger fans of historical reenactment, the Blackened Lucas Breastplate features a smaller size. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this protective chest plate is secured in the back with two adjustable straps.

Blackened Lucas Youth Greaves

Item # MY100531
Fortify your lower legs against the blows of a sneaky foe. During a fierce LARP battle, a quick kick to the shins is a guarantee. Strengthen your defense and maintain your footing with the Blackened Lucas Youth Greavescovering said limbs.

Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers

Item # DK4103
Bringing historical beauty to a functional design, the Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers are perfect for children who enjoy LARPing, historically themed fairs, or simply want an extraordinary and authentic Halloween costume.

Childrens Celtic Warrior Arm Bracers

Item # DK4104
Displaying a trio of Celtic rounded crosses on each arm, these leather bracers provide adornment as well as protection. Your child will love wearing these Childrens Celtic Warrior Arm Bracers to a Renaissance faire or themed event.

Childrens Dragon Scale Armour

Item # DK4000
Dragon scales are some of the best protection you can get. More so, they are also quite appealing to wear. This Childrens Dragon Scale Armour allows even your little one to join in the fantasy fun by giving them armour of their own!

Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers

Item # DK4100
Nothing says fantasy quite like the image of a dragon. Nothing says fantasy warrior like armor made from dragon scales. These Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers are just such an armor that recreates the layered look of dragon scales.

Childrens Lionheart Armour

Item # DK4001
The term lionheart is used to describe someone who possesses exceptional courage. Your child will love to suit up in this Childrens Lionheart Armour while they learn to properly wield a sword and shield like the knights of old.

Childrens Medieval Arm Bracers

Item # DK4105
Traditionally used to represent French royalty, the fleur-de-lis is a stylized lily and has become widely adopted worldwide. Your child will love wearing these Childrens Medieval Arm Bracers to a Renaissance Faire or themed event.

Childrens Squire Arm Bracers

Item # DK4102
Sized for the youngest of warriors, the Childrens Squire Arm Bracers are made of high quality leather in a multitude of color options. Their traditional design will easily suit a wide variety of looks from history and fantasy.

Childrens Squire Armour

Item # DK4002
A squire is a companion and attendant to a knight or noble. In return for their service, they receive training in combat and other noble pursuits. This Childrens Squire Armour is perfect for any youth seeking to aspire to knighthood.

Childrens Woodland Warrior Arm Bracers

Item # DK4106
Dryads, elves, and druids are known to have a special affinity for trees. Now your child can wear these Childrens Woodland Warrior Arm Bracers to be inspired by nature as they learn armored combat or dress up for a medieval event.