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Just because you are going to dress in medieval or Renaissance fashions does not mean you have to be uncomfortable. Ladies, pick up one of Dark Knight Armourys medieval and Renaissance chemises add that traditional look and shape to your medieval or Renaissance outfit without sacrificing any level of personal comfort. A chemise is basically a shirt worn next to the skin, often used as a sort of undershirt or shift for women in medieval or Renaissance styled fashion. We have full length gown chemises, waist length chemises, short sleeved chemises, bell sleeved chemises, long sleeved chemises, and all manner of other styles and color options. Chemises can be used as a classic undershirt, or can be paired with a bodice or corset for a classic pirate wench look. You can even wear our chemises off the shoulder. It really just depends on how sassy you are feeling!
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Hodierna Underdress

Item # DC1458
Start your historical or fantasy outfit right when you wear the Hodierna Underdress. Made of 100 percent cotton, this authentically inspired A-line chemise is easily layered and accessorized to create a variety of elegant looks.

Isabella Chemise Top

Item # MCI-490
Outfit yourself with understated elegance when you wear the Isabella Chemise Top. Unique bell sleeves with puffed upper arms lend romance to this historical reenactment and costuming staple. This cotton blouse is a wardrobe essential.

Isobel Shift

Item # MCI-3545
Ladies looking to reduce the number of garments they put on, should look at a chemise rather than a petticoat. This Isobel Shift is a great option. Wear this chemise with a wide variety of medieval costumes and fantasy ensembles.

Italian Camicia Chemise

Item # 101513
Not only is this Italian Camicia Chemise a stunning accent that adds layering, body, and detail to your overdresses and bodices, but it is also a light garment that you can easily wear in the warmer seasons without any added discomfort!

Italian Renaissance Short Chemise

Item # MCI-231
The Italian Renaissance Short Chemise is a beautiful chemise. It is made from high-quality satin, making it quite comfortable. It is designed to be worn under any woman's gown, bodice or skirt, just like a medieval shift would be.

Jubilee Chemise

Item # 101736
A medieval maiden or Regency damsel can love this Jubilee Chemise. This cotton underdress is wonderful for layering to create the perfect costume. Wear it as a part of your outfit for a LARP event, Renaissance faire, or convention.

Kathryn Chemise Gown

Item # MCI-606
When starting to create your historically inspired wardrobe, sometimes you want very versatile items such as this wonderful Kathryn Chemise Gown. Wear this chemise gown to Renaissance faires, cosplay conventions, and LARP events.

Lace Trimmed Chemise

Item # 100302
Our new delicate lace trimmed chemise in white is a very feminine undergarment that is light and airy. The sleeve edges and neckline have a small white lace trim. It is a great all-around garment to wear.

Laced Back Medieval Underdress

Item # BG-1023
Lacework has been around since long before corsets and shoes. This nifty clothing feature was used even in the Middle Ages. The Laced Back Medieval Underdress replicates one such usage of lacing in an authentic medieval garment.

Lagertha Viking Undertunic

Item # BG-1039
The first wife of Ragnar Lodbrok, Lagertha, was a fearsome warrior who later became the ruler of Norway. A powerful warrior like Lagertha would only be slowed down by a dress. For this reason, the Lagertha Viking Undertunic exists.

Late Medieval Underdress

Item # BG-1091
In the late Middle Ages, as clothing evolved, underdresses began to resemble what are now called night gowns. The Late Medieval Underdress takes this precursor of modern style and replicates it in authentic detail for you to wear.

Loch Laga Medieval Underdress

Item # BG-1024
During the Middle Ages, the Scottish Highlands belonged to the tribal people, descendants of Celts who dressed in tartans and styles different than the rest of Britain. The Loch Laga Medieval Underdress emulates this Celtic style.