Chain Mail Gauntlets

The hands make for an excellent target during battle. A stronger opponent can be laid low and defeated if their foe can take away their ability to fight. What better way to do just that than to attack the hands and remove their ability to wield a weapon entirely? Chain mail gauntlets are a great preventative measure against this happening to you. A good chain mail gauntlet is not foolproof, but it does offer adequate protection and keeps your hands quite safe from both intentional strikes at your hands and from accidental slips that might happen while wielding a sword or other weapon. Many of Dark Knight Armourys chain mail gauntlets consist of a leather or suede glove or mitten to which steel chain mail has been affixed to the back. This added layer of protective mail does wonders for keeping hands safe. Not only that, but our chain mail gauntlets are also a great accessory to add to any knightly look. They complement both fantasy based and historical appearances quite nicely.
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Articulated Steel Gauntlets

Item # AB3943
In many ways, a warriors hands are their lifeblood. They will live and die by how effective their hands wield weapons in battle. With these Articulated Steel Gauntlets, your hands will be well protected, so they can continue to protect you.

Padded Butted Chainmail Mittens

Item # AB2752
These leather mittens are backed with butted mail, providing solid hand protection and good gripping capabilities. The rings are constructed of mild steel and plated in Zinc.

Padded Riveted Chainmail Mittens

Item # AB2753
These leather mittens are backed with dome-riveted mail, providing solid hand protection and good gripping capabilities. The rings are constructed of mild steel round rings with the ends riveted together.

Richard Chainmail Gauntlets

Item # MY100235
The clink of weaponry and armour heralds the arrival of the crusaders. The troop is passing though while on quest to the Holy Land. Their armaments firmly gripped by hands guarded with the Richard Chainmail Gauntlets.

Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets

Item # MY100234
Awake! Make Haste! The castle is under siege. The good king and queen are in peril. Prepare yourselves and be girded with a strong defense. Wisely guard your chivalrous hands with the Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets.