Chain Mail Coifs

A chain mail coif is a traditional type of head covering that when, worn, protects the almost all angles of the head, as well as the neck and the shoulders. Only the face is left uncovered. Obviously, the head is an important part of the anatomy, which is why Dark Knight Armoury offers such a variety of chain mail coifs. Anything but simple armor, we offer a number of coifs, all of which feature different options which ensure that we have the head protection that will adequately defend your cranium. Like almost all of our chain mail armor, our coifs are available in multiple linkage types, including butted, riveted, and flattened. They are also available in several different types of materials. Ranging from steel to aluminum, the material your coif is made from will help determine how functional it truly is. A chain mail coif can be worn alone, or it can be combined with a helmet to provide a double dose of protection. If you are a knight, fighter, or warrior who understands that to lose your head is to lose the battle - literally, in this case - then do not ride into battle with the protection of one of our chain mail coifs.
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Imperial Chainmail Mantle

Item # MCI-3089

Protecting your neck and shoulders is one of the most important things medieval armour can do. The Imperial Chainmail Mantle does just that, encircling your neck with top-grain leather that connects to a wide circle of mail.


Knight Grade Mail Aventail

Item # AB2666
Serving as a curtain of chainmail around the throat, neck, and shoulders, an aventail or camail connects to the helmet of a warrior. The Knight Grade Chainmail Aventail attaches to the base of a helmet with a leather band.

Knight Grade Mail Standard

Item # AB2446
The Bishops Mantle, or standard, is worn draped over the shoulders, named for the shoulder covering worn by clergy in the Middle Ages. The Knight Grade Mail Standard guards the upper chest and throat.

Richard Blackened Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100650
Called upon to defend your realm, you place the Richard Blackened Chainmail Coif over your padded arming cap and prepare for the battle of your life. This steel chainmail coif has been chemically treated to achieve its darkened look.

Richard Chainmail Mantle

Item # MY100239
Keep the holy relic from wicked hands. The devout crusader remembers well the final request of the priest. The Richard Chainmail Mantle protectively adorns the medieval pilgrim, who follows a sacred path to a forgotten tomb.

Richard Darkened Chainmail Mantle

Item # MY100238
How dare those ruffians attack the village! The dauntless knight with trusted steed is in heroic pursuit. The stolen goods swiftly restored, the people praise the royal soldier clad in the Richard Darkened Chainmail Mantle.

Richard Oiled Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100651
Head protection is a vital component of any good armoured outfit, so strengthen your defense with the Richard Oiled Chainmail Coif. This steel chainmail hood protects the head, neck, and shoulders while leaving the face unobstructed.

Richard Riveted Blackened Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100653
For a sinister soldier such as yourself, only blackened armour will do. The Richard Riveted Blackened Chainmail Coif has been chemically treated to create its distinct darkened color and protect its riveted steel rings from rust.

Richard Riveted Oiled Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100654
For your most knightly warrior looks, be sure to accentuate your armoured outfit with the Richard Riveted Oiled Chainmail Coif. Made out of riveted rings of steel, this medieval chainmail hood covers the head, neck, and shoulders.

Richard Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100652
Do not head to battle without the proper head protection! The Richard Riveted Steel Chainmail Coif, covering the head, neck and shoulders in rings of steel, is an essential armour piece for any medieval knight or fantasy warrior.

Richard Steel Chainmail Coif

Item # MY100649
Bolster your armoured look with the Richard Steel Chainmail Coif. This steel chainmail hood covers the head, neck, and shoulders. Wear it on its own over an arming cap, or wear it underneath a helmet for an extra level of protection.

Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif

Item # AB3928
This coif is crafted in riveted aluminum mail dome rings with grey anodizing. The internal diameter of the rings are 10mm. Our aluminum coif is ideal for the non-contact role-player, as it presents an authentic appearance.