Chain Mail Chausses and Voiders

Good mail does not only protect the chest or head - it can also protect the arms and legs! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of chain mail voiders and chausses, which are also known as chain mail sleeves and leggings, all to keep your arms and legs safe whenever you take up a contact event like sword fighting and reenactment. Our selection of chain mail chausses and voiders ranges in type and style, allowing you to armour yourself in a fashion best suited to your need. If you want mail for the look but still want to be light and mobile, we have aluminum voiders and chausses that are perfect for giving the look. More heavy gauge steel chausses and sleeves are perfect for more traditional reenactment, and we offer them in various finishes, from polished zinc plated steel to mild steel, down even to blackened steel! For the reenactor who needs strength without the weight of steel, we can also provide titanium mail! Next time you head into battle, in mail, leather, or plate, make sure you pay a visit to Dark Knight Armoury to fill in the gaps in your defense with some great chain mail sleeves and chain mail chausses.
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Aluminum Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700614
The Aluminum Chainmail Voiders are essential when creating a thoroughly armoured costume look. No knight would go without protecting the vital area where the inner upper arm and chest meet, and this pair of voiders covers that zone.

Baron Grade Mail Skirt

Item # AB2423
Covering your hips and thighs, the Baron Grade Mail Skirt protects you from those who would take advantage of any gaps in your plate armor, the preferred type of armor in the late medieval period.

Baron Grade Mail Voiders

Item # AB2379
Chainmail voiders offer protection to your arms from the gaps that occur in plate armor in that area. The Baron Grade Mail Voiders offer high-quality mail underarm protection to improve the fit and comfort of your armor.

Butted Chainmail Leggings

Item # HW-700609-ML
When you next step onto the battlefield, be sure your legs are suitably protected. With woven rings made of 16 gauge mild steel, the Butted Chainmail Leggings are a great defense to add to any medieval or fantasy warrior outfits.

Butted Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700613
When it comes to armour for battle, protecting your arms is very important. The Butted Chainmail Voiders are just the thing for providing comprehensive protection, whether worn on their own or accompanying other armour pieces.

Chainmail Chausses

Item # MY100203
Our noble ruler has issued a decree. Invaders have entered our borders. The knights must ready themselves for war. Gird yourself in strong padding and chainmail. Reinforce your legs and encase them in the Chainmail Chausses.

Chainmail Skirt

Item # MCI-3357
If you need speed and mobility as well as the safety of metal armour, the Chainmail Skirt is for you! Capable of being worn over skirt, trousers, kilt, and more, this protective accessory makes guarding your lower half a breeze!

Count Grade Mail Skirt

Item # AB2418
Chainmail skirts gained popularity during the late medieval period when plate armor was the armor of choice, so only the gaps between plates needed mail protection. The Count Grade Mail Skirt covers your hips and thighs.

Count Grade Mail Voiders

Item # AB2374
Mail voiders are sewn to an undergarment to protect the arms from gaps in the plate armor that occur there. The Count Grade Mail Voiders offer high-quality mail underarm protection to improve the fit and comfort of your armor.

Darkened Chainmail Chausses

Item # MY100204
The war is over. Our queen calls forth a celebration. Appear before your noble leader in full battle array to receive praise for your chivalrous deeds. Let your knightly legs be finely clad in the Darkened Chainmail Chausses.

Earl Grade Mail Skirt

Item # AB2421
In the late medieval period, plate armor was the preferred type of armor, which made the protection offered by mail skirts ideal. The Earl Grade Mail Skirt protects you from gaps in your plate armor.

Earl Grade Mail Voiders

Item # AB2377
Offering protection to your arms from the gaps in plate mail, mail voiders can be sewn into an undergarment. The Earl Grade Mail Voiders offer high-quality mail underarm protection to improve the fit and comfort of your armor.