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Celtic Statues & Collectibles

If you are looking to spruce up your decorating scheme with timeless yet meaningful style, then perhaps you should check out our Celtic statues and collectibles. Not only will you find a number of attractive pieces, including Celtic crosses, statues, displays, and more, but each one is perfect for any home decor style. Here you will find an incredible variety of Celtic collectibles to fill your home or office. Our Celtic statues are show stopping pieces that depict the gods and goddesses of ancient Celtic culture, often with beautiful bronze finishes. Celtic crosses, in particular, are classic examples of Celtic home decor at its finest, and they easily fit into even modern home decor. We offer a variety of items decorated with Celtic knotwork, from Celtic wall plaques to Celtic bookends, Celtic trinket boxes, mirrors, and even Celtic ashtrays. In this category, you will also find Celtic tree of life statues and home accents as well as Celtic dragon decor. We even offer stately Celtic tables, chairs, blankets, and pillows. So if you are looking to redecorate and want to use a bit more Celtic style in your life, whether you are at the home or at the office, our Celtic statues and collectibles are perfect for sprucing up a contemporary decorating scheme or creating a beautiful Celtic display.
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Celtic Dragon Sandtimer

Item # SC7961
Time is a precious commodity, as once you have used it all up, there is no way to get more. Luckily, this Celtic Dragon Sandtimer is a way to tell if you are running out so you can give yourself a little more by flipping it over.

Celtic Dragon Trinket Box

Item # SC7667
The Celtic Dragon Trinket Box is a great tin that anyone can use to store away odds and ends, making it a great desk accessory for things like paperclips and change, as well as a great shelf accessory thanks to its stunning detailing.

Celtic Dragon Wall Mirror

Item # CC10917
A mirror is something that you use on a daily basis, so make sure the mirror in your home is one to be proud of. This Celtic Dragon Wall Mirror would look fantastic hanging up in your bathroom, hallway, or any room of your house.

Celtic Dragonfly Journal

Item # CC11161
Few images in nature are as delicate and captivating as the wings of a dragonfly. As they fly through a sea of glittering light, the pair on the front of this Celtic Dragonfly Journal display a true beauty that cannot be matched.

Celtic Fleur Filigree Ornament Set of 6

Item # LB208-11
The Candy Cane set of ornaments are made from 1/8 inch thick birch and are available painted or unpainted. They feature cut out designs of candy canes and small fleur symbols. You will receive 6 ornaments, all of the same design.

Celtic Flower Ashtray

Item # CC10835
The best home accents are those that offer versatility and also reflect your own personal style. This Celtic Flower Ashtray makes a great smoking accessory, votive candle holder, or place to throw small items at the end of the day.

Celtic God Cernunnos Sitting Statue

Item # WU-1727
According to Celtic mythology, this horned deity bestows blessings in life, fertility, and nature. In the scene presented by the Celtic God Cernunnos Sitting Statue, the animals of the forest gather around the lord of their realm.

Celtic Goddess Aine Wall Plaque

Item # CC11839
The Celtic Goddess Aine Wall Plaque shows the mythical goddess in one of her three forms, the mermaid. It is said that she lives at the bottom of the Enchanted Lake, and you can bring that scene into your home with this wall plaque.

Celtic Goddess Brigid Statue

Item # WU-1892
In Celtic mythology, Brigid was the goddess of the hearth and home, keeping the kindling alive and bestowing the dwelling with divine protection. With the Celtic Goddess Brigid Statue, you can honor this benevolent Irish deity.

Celtic Goddess Mother Earth Danu Bust

Item # WU-1011
Mother Earth is a powerful figure, one that occurs in just about every mythology on the planet. The Greeks knew her as Gaia, and in this Celtic Goddess Mother Earth Danu Bust, you can see goddess as the Celts envisioned her.

Celtic Goddess the Morrigan Statue

Item # WU-1893
In Irish mythology, the goddess of war and death is known as the Morrigan, and she surrounds herself with scavenging ravens. The Celtic Goddess the Morrigan Statue is the perfect way to show tribute to this powerful warrior deity.

Celtic Greenman Trinket Box

Item # SC8426
A symbol of rebirth and the season of spring, the Green Man appears in many cultures throughout the world. The Celtic Greenman Trinket Box depicts the face of this nature deity among Celtic scrollwork.