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Celtic Statues & Collectibles

If you are looking to spruce up your decorating scheme with timeless yet meaningful style, then perhaps you should check out our Celtic statues and collectibles. Not only will you find a number of attractive pieces, including Celtic crosses, statues, displays, and more, but each one is perfect for any home decor style. Here you will find an incredible variety of Celtic collectibles to fill your home or office. Our Celtic statues are show stopping pieces that depict the gods and goddesses of ancient Celtic culture, often with beautiful bronze finishes. Celtic crosses, in particular, are classic examples of Celtic home decor at its finest, and they easily fit into even modern home decor. We offer a variety of items decorated with Celtic knotwork, from Celtic wall plaques to Celtic bookends, Celtic trinket boxes, mirrors, and even Celtic ashtrays. In this category, you will also find Celtic tree of life statues and home accents as well as Celtic dragon decor. We even offer stately Celtic tables, chairs, blankets, and pillows. So if you are looking to redecorate and want to use a bit more Celtic style in your life, whether you are at the home or at the office, our Celtic statues and collectibles are perfect for sprucing up a contemporary decorating scheme or creating a beautiful Celtic display.
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Celtic Heart Leather Embossed Journal Key Chain

Item # 060-2755
Give that special someone in your life the means to write down anything, anywhere. From song or book ideas to shopping lists and phone numbers, the Celtic Heart Leather Embossed Journal Key Chain is perfect for writing on the go.

Celtic Horse Candle Hurricane

Item # CC90233
The flickering light of a candle goes well in just about any room, and this Celtic Horse Candle Hurricane is a fantastic way to not only bring a candles gentle light into a room, but to also bring a touch of Celtic style with it.

Celtic Horse Journal

Item # CC11159
Horses have been one of the most loyal companions to humanity for thousands of years, providing us not only with transportation and work but also loving friendship. This Celtic Horse Journal depicts two of these glorious creatures.

Celtic Jeweled Pot

Item # CC3606
The Celtic Jeweled Pot would be stunning in any room of your home or office. This pot is black with gold Celtic knotwork on the lid and the base. This jeweled pot is made of enameled pewter and has been bejeweled with Austrian crystals.

Celtic Knot Embossed Leather Journal

Item # 060-2720
Keep a record of all your thoughts, stories, and musings in the Celtic Knot Embossed Leather Journal, a remarkable choice when it comes to journal keeping. This beautiful notebook features 120 blank pages of handmade parchment paper.
$28.00 $18.20

Celtic Knot Leather Journal

Item # 060-2226
The Celtic Knot Leather Journal is leather bound book that is perfectly suited for a variety of uses. The cover of this attractive book features a truly impressive Celtic styled emblem, which has been embossed into the leather cover.

Celtic Knot Leather Journal With Lock

Item # ZS-242576-WL
Say goodbye to the moments when a napkin was the only item available to write on with the stylish Celtic Knot Leather Journal with Lock. This elegant diary is ready for you to write down all of the moments that need to be captured.
$27.90 $25.11

Celtic Knotwork Skull Statue

Item # TL-3237
Even to this day, people obsess over Celtic knotwork. Some may even say their love for it runs bone-deep. With the Celtic Knotwork Skull Statue, you can show off your admiration for knotwork while maintaining an eerie atmosphere.

Celtic Knotwork Trinket Box

Item # CC10834
Keeping your rings, keys, and other small precious items can be tricky in a large jewelry box or keepsake box. Luckily, this Celtic Knotwork Trinket Box is the perfect size to store those treasures in a vessel that looks stunning.

Celtic Lion Skull Savings Bank

Item # CC6411
This Celtic Lion Savings Bank is a great addition to any skull collection. Shaped like an ornately decorated human skull, this savings bank creates a regal display while helping you keep your loose change neatly stored away.

Celtic Love Stone

Item # CAS-1150
This inspirational sculpture offers a timeless look and message with its charming heart design. With Celtic knot patterns around the heart and a rough stone finish, the Celtic Love Stone almost feels like a family heirloom.

Celtic Lugh Statue

Item # DD-132-L
The perfection of the gods in mythology is apparent, if only because all that they did, they succeed at. This Celtic Lugh Statue depicts one such god who ruled over the sun, light, and fire, and was considered good at all he did.