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Celtic Statues & Collectibles

If you are looking to spruce up your decorating scheme with timeless yet meaningful style, then perhaps you should check out our Celtic statues and collectibles. Not only will you find a number of attractive pieces, including Celtic crosses, statues, displays, and more, but each one is perfect for any home decor style. Here you will find an incredible variety of Celtic collectibles to fill your home or office. Our Celtic statues are show stopping pieces that depict the gods and goddesses of ancient Celtic culture, often with beautiful bronze finishes. Celtic crosses, in particular, are classic examples of Celtic home decor at its finest, and they easily fit into even modern home decor. We offer a variety of items decorated with Celtic knotwork, from Celtic wall plaques to Celtic bookends, Celtic trinket boxes, mirrors, and even Celtic ashtrays. In this category, you will also find Celtic tree of life statues and home accents as well as Celtic dragon decor. We even offer stately Celtic tables, chairs, blankets, and pillows. So if you are looking to redecorate and want to use a bit more Celtic style in your life, whether you are at the home or at the office, our Celtic statues and collectibles are perfect for sprucing up a contemporary decorating scheme or creating a beautiful Celtic display.
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Bronze Cerridwen Plaque

Item # CC10667
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Bronze Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.

Bronze Danu Statue

Item # CC10885
Danu is considered the first of the Celtic deities, thus making her a sort of Mother Nature figure among Celtic mythology. Give this goddess of universal wisdom and divine knowledge a place in your home with the Bronze Danu Statue.

Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque

Item # CC10733
The four arms of this elemental cross reach to the four seasons, the circle encompassing all in its celestial arc. The Bronze Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque shows off an intricate mix of details designed by artist Maxine Miller.

Bronze Morrigan Statue

Item # CC10879
As the priestess of war and sovereignty, Morrigan is still seen today by followers of Celtic mythology and ancient religions as a symbol of strength. This Bronze Morrigan Statue will serve as a daily reminder of her power and grace.

Bronze Rhiannon on Horseback Statue

Item # WU-1909
In the Welsh Mabinogion, Rhiannon is a noble and strong-willed adventurer from the Otherworld who is often seen riding a beautiful white horse. The Bronze Rhiannon on Horseback Statue portrays this legendary hero in her element.

Brown Cerridwen Plaque

Item # CC10717
Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Brown Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron.

Brown Tree of Life Embossed Leather Journal

Item # 060-2640
An important icon throughout history, the tree of life often serves as a symbol of unity and connectedness. The Brown Tree of Life Embossed Leather Journal displays an intricate representation of the mystical tree on its cover.

Carved Celtic Skull

Item # CC9406
With a unique twist that is sure to please, the Carved Celtic Skull is designed to resemble a humanoid skull but with tribal style knots covering its bone white surface. Fiendish fangs also peak out over its bottom teeth.

Celtic Ashtray

Item # SC8478
For those who are fans of stylish designs the Celtic Ashtray can be a welcome accessory that they will always appreciate. The dazzling designs combined with the simple function make this a wonderful decoration or gifting item.

Celtic Box

Item # CC7705
Store your secret small collectibles or favorite jewelry items in the Celtic Box. This dignified trinket box is shaped like a cross and hand painted to resemble ancient stone. Intricate knotwork designs texturize its entire surface.
$15.50 $13.95

Celtic Brigid Statue

Item # DD-141-BG
This Celtic Brigid Statue depicts one of the pagan gods who were very popular among those of Celtic and Gaelic descent. Brigid was also a form of a triple goddess, represented as three same named sisters who embodied different concepts.

Celtic Carved Devil Skull

Item # CC9703
Not all devils are terrifying monsters, especially once you strip away the fire and brimstone, leaving only the bony remains behind. The Celtic carved Devil Skull reveals such a creature and showcases the intrigue of its kind.